Saturday, 8 September 2012

UKIP man wants women who want abortions sterilised

"If abortion must be countenanced then at least sterilise the defective life-bearer at the same time to prevent a repeat of this monstrousness from occurring in the future. Those who refuse to bear life when they took on board the responsibility to create it in the first place, ought not to be given a second chance."

Why is this man a member of UKIP while I am not allowed to join just because I am ex-BNP?


Anonymous said...

I do not like the feminist approach to abortion: all this 'women have a right to do what they want with their bodies'. When I had an abortion, many factors played a part in the decision, all of them centred on what was best for the 'baby', if it had been about me then I'd probably have proceeded with the pregnancy. I was only at 3 weeks gestation when I had the procedure done, so the being was nothing like those pictures of foetuses near to birth which get bandied around by 'pro life' groups. I am not a slag - I know full well who the father was, & he did not want to become a dad again (he's got a grown up daughter, but I have no kids & I'm not getting any younger). I found it to be a very traumatic & upsetting & depressing experience; nasty comments like those of Mr Barnes are not appreciated - it's like kicking a person when they're already down.

Claire Khaw said...

While I am sure Mark Barnes of UKIP was not intentionally setting out to upset you personally because he cannot have known that you had an abortion, the fact that he said what he did he reveals his misogyny and chauvinism.

The men who hate women who have abortions hate the promiscuous female and wish to punish them.

I wonder how Mark Barnes would feel if a daughter of his were to find herself in the position of wanting an abortion in The Land of Compulsory Fornication that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Mark Barnes fancies himself as some great political thinker, however. This man is now the admin of the Facebook debate group that Stuart Hamilton and I set up.

How strange and ironic that the men and women in this group think this is a good thing. Still, we already know how morally confused most people in this country are.

I have female friends who have had abortions. I have an inkling of the guilt and terrible sense of bereavement this can induce if one after all wanted the child, or yearns for a child, years after the abortion.

The tragedy of having to do this lives with a woman forever, I imagine. I would rather countenance infanticide than indulge in the kind vindictiveness Mark wishes to indulge in.

Mark is an intensely sentimental and romantic person and a racial chauvinist, but a racial chauvinist that does not have the courage of his convictions to join either the BNP or NF because he is a snob as well as a coward.

Sentimental people are really the most cruel and vindictive, you will find.

Sometimes, it is necessary to be cruel to be kind, but someone ruled by sentiment and chauvinism would wish only to indulge their emotions and self-righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Due to the state of this country, my fiance, who works hard in a low skilled job & thus earns a modest salary, cannot however afford to support a wife & a child; in the event of me having continued with the pregnancy, us getting married & being a family would not have been viable, & we would all have been better off with me being a single mum on benefits - crazy!

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you very much for your response. I am always grateful when a single mum responds without descending into abuse.

I am actually aware of the problems and how the way things are makes women more likely to be SSMs.

What needs to happen is that there are jobs, that those jobs should be for the local boys, and the local boys should do those jobs well.

For this to happens there needs to be a revolution.

I don't in a way really blame SSMs because, born into that sort of background I would probably do the same.

I blame the government, but if I just say that, I wouldn't get very far, would I?

Again, thank you for your response.

Claire Khaw said...

know it is unlikely that UKIP will have any policy that will help the white proletariat.

What would help the white indigenous are radical proposals for political reform and we all know UKIP are too pussy to do this.

When UKIP are too afraid to even discuss feminism, and it affects white MIDDLE CLASS men too, you know they really are a bunch of frightened hypocrites.