Monday, 3 September 2012

Very frightening UKIP lady in Guildford threatens Claire Khaw

Ngaire Wadman - Secretary
A member of UKIP since 2009, and secretary to the local Guildford group committee for that time, UKIP's principles and passions are exactly what my father fought for in WWII and then stood for as a Conservative candidate in the 1951 General Election. I used to just shout my outrage at the television screen, but early retirement has allowed me to become politically active, and UKIP is the only party that can in my opinion restore our country's sovereignty, prosperity, and reputation worldwide.
London-born of New Zealand parents, I've lived in New Zealand, Bermuda, and Canada as well as England, and have travelled extensively around the world. I worked for 25 years as a legal secretary and PA, and now work as an internet-based linguistic consultant. I'm also a carer and am involved in research into tinnitus and Aspergers syndrome.
I'm passionate about individual freedom, a strong moral upbringing and doing one's duty - serving others before oneself, all the fine Girl Guide ideals that shaped my outlook on life.
Apart from that, I type like a demon, maintain a worldwide network of friends, relations and acquaintances, occasionally make a stab at cooking/sewing/painting, have two wonderful young-adult daughters and an amazing husband.
I'm privileged to be a member of the Guildford Choral Society, and enjoy singing both with that august body and occasionally with the Really Big Chorus, as well as small impromptu groups.  I also volunteer with the National Trust as a room steward/occasional speaker at Clandon Park, our local 'Great House', and thoroughly enjoy the company of the wise, witty, and immensely life-experienced senior volunteers there.

This was what she said in response to reading the link above:

"Just to make it clear to you, assuming you're a human and not a spambot. 

This is rubbish, especially items 16 onwards, and has immediately been marked as spam.  Take me off this mailing list immediately, or I'll complain formally to your ISP and get your blog banned. You couldn't do more to keep this ridiculous Khaw creature on the UKIP blacklist if you tried.


Yes, Ma'am.

Does anyone know how to pronounce "Ngaire"?

I have been informed by my sources that Ngaire's father is Baron Nugent of  Guildford.   If that is true then that perfectly explains her haughty and imperious "We are not amused" manner.

I suppose they would know Michael, the seventh Earl of Onslow a very fine fellow, whose wife I have spoken to on one occasion and whose novels I greatly admire.   I was certainly on very good friend with the late Earl's brother-on-law.

For some reason the UKIP men like me more than the UKIP ladies.  It may be something to do with my anti-feminist views and my staunch and selfless promotion of the sacred institution of Marriage, so I shall just have to resign myself to being viciously poked by these bargepole-wielding UKIP women who keep telling me that UKIP will not touch me with a bargepole.

I shall endure.  I must endure, for the sake of the future of the British peoples and the long-term national interest.

My mission is to give a talk on evils of feminism and SSMs to UKIP at their Birmingham Conference.

Roger Bootle, whom I have also met, is giving a talk.  Perhaps I could give a talk after he gives his in Brum.  He is not a member of UKIP either.  

Maggie Chapman informs me on 4 September:

"Wow Claire,youve managed to enrage Ngaire Wadham,a very very popular UKIP lady.For someone who wants into the party so bad,you're not doing yourself any favours.We are still trying to find all these ukip men that want you in the party.but if it's anything like the thousands of silent supporters you supposedly have,we'll never find them!Oh and Donna Treaner [of the BNP] says hi and no,there is no truth the bnp want you back.The words "lunatic""deranged" and "most hated person" were used."

"I know Ngaire very well.She is the loveliest woman you will ever meet.I have yet to meet someone who has a bad word to say about her.She is highly thought of wherever she goes and whoever she meets."

Is this true, UKIP man?  Ngaire sounds horribly humourless and unbearably bossy to me.  I bet the men are all afraid of her, including her husband, whom I believe is a New Zealander.  I do believe Kiwi men are particularly submissive.  

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Grim said...

You're a fucking idiot.

As such you're perfect for Loony Central - aka UKIP.

People like you are irrelevant to the 21st century, except for normal folk to laugh at in the street.