Thursday, 13 September 2012

What is Tom Holland trying to say in that pointless programme about Islam he made at so much expense?

What was Tom Holland doubting exactly?

So there was no coinage referring to Muhammad's existence until 60 years after his death.  So what?

Is he tryiing to say Muhammad never existed?

Hmmm.  Imagine how offended he might get if we pretend that his wife and two daughters never existed, or his home or the books he has written or anything precious to him.  Hey, Tom, they never fucking existed!!!!  It was all a dream, dreamt up by The Matrix to keep you happy and warm!

Perhaps he is one of those atheist extremists who, not content with denying the existence of God, revel in denying the existence of all His prophets?  (They posh it up by talking about "the historicity of Jesus" and suchlike.  Of course, the Christians are complete pushovers and cannot keep turning their cheeks to be slapped quickly and eagerly enough, but Muslims don't take that sort of shit lying down.)

Does Patricia Crone, the Harvard Professor of Islamic Studies, hate Muslims?  Her eyes sparkle with malice every time she speaks of the nothingness of Muhammad.   I think we should be told.

So what was the point Tom Holland was trying to make?  Fuck knows.  Anyway, who cares as long as it annoys the Muslims, eh?  Really annoy them, provoke them into committing some act of violence and then come down on them like a ton of bricks.

So this is what shit historians in a shit society in a shit civilisation do for fun these days: stir shit and ask really really stupid and pointless questions.

What the fuck did Tom Holland think he was doing?  Perhaps he thought he was being a modern day Descartes, doubting everything.  Listen, Tom, when Descartes was pretending to doubt everything he was really trying to prove that God exists, through a rather convoluted set of questions and answers that led nowhere in the end, though at the time he thought it led to irrefutable demonstration of God's actual existence through Reason alone.

So now your name is mud.  Let us hope the Muslims won't turn you into another Salman Rushdie.

Tom Holland the gimp and the fool for thinking he could  make a film about the thesis of  the Harvard Professor of Islamic Studies, Patricia Crone, whom we can tell just by looking at her face and the hatred in her eyes that Muslims are not her favourite people.

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