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UKIP man wants to make non-Europeans second class citizens

I'm actually not opposed to a strong, unified Europe just the weak, fractious, liberal, secular, socially democratic one we have at the moment; hence my desire to escape from its clutches. The Imperium Europa concept is too socially liberal for me; it is also secular.
My ideal would along the lines of the Roman Empire, restore classical education, underpinned by Christianity, an Imperator rather than a President, an Imperial Senate that meets in Rome with delegates from the nations of Europe; a fortress Europe that expels dissident elements, that is proudly European, that gives priority rights to European subjects and second rate ones to non Europeans. A European army assembled from national contingents under the command of outstanding European generals. An internally free trading Empire with Russia as an ally and trading freely with China, India and other developing nations.     

5 September 08:25

And below are his shockingly vengeful thoughts about what should happen to women who find themselves in need of an abortion:

If abortion must be countenanced then at least sterilise the defective life-bearer at the same time to prevent a repeat of this monstrousness from occurring in the future. Those who refuse to bear life when they took on board the responsibility to create it in the first place, ought not to be given a second chance.
5 September 22:29

If truth be told, this goes much further than the BNP (who only advocate voluntary repatriation and have no policy of sterilising women who have got themselves knocked up).

I find it rather galling that ex-BNP members who have not expressed such views cannot join UKIP while such a man who has expressed such a view is considered OK to stay in UKIP.

I wonder what Searchlight and Hope Not Hate have to say about this.

I have already suggested to UKIP a way of dealing with members who hold such views.

All UKIP members would be invited to sign a declaration that they will not so long as they remain in the party:

1.  promote a policy of the forcible repatriation of non-white British citizens

2.  promote apartheid

3.  promote any policy that discriminates either for or against any British citizen on racial grounds

on pain of expulsion.

This solution has been described as "ingenious" by Andrew Reed, UKIP spokesman in Brussels.  Sadly, they are still not going to do it.   Why not is a question that should be considered at conference with the utmost urgency and seriousness.

Although UKIP have refused to sell me a ticket on the grounds that I am an ex-BNP member, I intend to go to Birmingham to meet the more independent-minded type of UKIP activist.  It is quite disgraceful that UKIP are behaving as if they were a private club rather than a political party.  The longer they continue to confuse the nature of their role and the purpose of their activity, they shall remain the doldrums.

Should they admit me then doubtless they would have every intention of appointing me as their Director of Communications and Policy Consultant.   Once that is done, UKIP will go from strength to strength.

UKIP men must get over their fear of the likes of Maggie Chapman (a Scotswoman who about her four illegitimate grandchildren) and the likes of Ngaire Wadman who form a fearsome female cabal.

For this country to return to rationally small government, we must defeat feminism.  To defeat feminism, men must not be seen to be afraid of criticising SSMs (Slut Single Mums) and their Running Dogs (ie men who have sired illegitimate offspring and the grandparents of illegitimate grandchildren).  The worst way of desecrating the institution of marriage is to say, like Maggie does, that it is OK to have illegitimate grandchildren, that marriage is only a piece of paper and that it is optional even when you want to have children.

Men of UKIP, dare to discuss this with the woman of your life!

But you won't, because you are no longer men.   Pah.  

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