Sunday, 23 September 2012

Why does the Traditional Britain Group dislike me?

Why has TBG disabled me from commenting on their Facebook page?

Apart from going to a few of their dinners some years back, I have had very little to do with them since the suicide of Mike Smith and after I joined the BNP.

How well I remember my surprise when I heard Gregory Lauder Frost speaking at a dinner I attended saying that forced repatriation must be implemented.

Is he in the NF then, I remember asking someone rather naively.  I was told he was far too posh to be in the NF.

I stopped attending once I accepted the invitation to join the BNP, though I accepted that it was through this dining club (which is what it really is) that put me in touch with other nationalists that eventually led to my invitation to join the BNP.

Since then I have had very little to do with them.  I have no particular interest in attending dinners in which diners preached to the converted without taking political action, in any case.   They were just a toothless dining club, I had concluded, and far too posh to do anything that smacked of genuine and effective political activism.  Imagine my surprise when I found that I had been blocked from following them on Twitter.  I really had no idea that a bunch of crusty old codgers could or would tweet or had discovered me on Twitter to take offence at my tweets.

Why had I taken an interest in TBG after all this time?  Someone had mentioned to me that many of them were into SSPX and that made me prick up my ears.

I checked out their Facebook page and discovered that they are having an all-day conference on 20 October as stated at

I thought I might attend and  posted on their Facebook page I was thinking of doing so but understood they  have some sort of a problem with me as I have been blocked from following them on Twitter.  The next thing I  knew I found myself disabled from commenting altogether.

Tom Price my Facebook friend kindly asked them on my behalf why they were blocking me, and this was the response he received:

Not really sure. All the members of the TBG committee are co-administrators of the page and at least three are very active promoting and moderating it. It may be that someone found her comments beyond the pale. Our Wall is in the public domain and we have to be careful of our public image as our enemies are watching all the time. From time to time numerous comments are removed and if people persist then they are blocked.

I certainly posted nothing at all that could be considered "beyond the pale" and merely asked why they seemed to be having a problem with me when I have had so little to do with them in recent years.

Oh, well.  I have saved myself £30 since they do not want to sell me a ticket, though I would have liked to have met Theodore Dalrymple.

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