Monday, 17 September 2012

Why I am supporting the Bill Etheridge and not Simon Darby in the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections by David Jones

By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

Whilst I am sympathetic in general to UK Independence Party, I have always rooted for the British National Party in elections but the decline of the BNP and their failure to capitalise on the law and order issues and field a list of candidates anywhere bar the West Midlands was indeed a great let down. Had I lived in the West Midlands Simon Darby would have probably got my vote but they have a better candidate—the UKIP Candidate Mr Etheridge.

You heard me right, the UKIP candidate is better than the BNP Candidate.

Both candidates are “civic nationalists” but Bill is a man after my own heart, and while I’m sure he wouldn’t endorse everything I believe in, he is a hard working, skilled political operator who genuinely cares about his community and is, generally, a nice guy. The BNP Campaign, however, seems to be a shameless promotion of the BNP by a typical Nick Griffin attack-dog.

The difference between UKIP and the BNP is as follows.

UKIP: - Civic Nationalists, neo-conservatives & Whigs.
BNP: - Civic Nationalists, Socialists & Ethno-Nationalists.

The voting public is not interested in the ideological differences between these two parties in the slightest, only in who will fight for:

A referendum over Britain’s EU membership.
Lower Taxes & Fewer Laws
An end to Party Whips.
An end to mass Immigration.
The abolition of equality, human rights & race laws.
The return of Capital Punishment.
An end to Gay Privilege and the undermining of marriage.

It has come to something when a nationalist like me can no longer support the BNP, but voters want candidates who will represent them competently, not slick, self-promoting party bosses followed by deluded, stubborn buffoons who believe their party is always right.

TV’s Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins who proposes to fight all 73 EU seats UK “We Demand A Referendum Party” is on the right track, but single-issue doesn’t go far enough. We need an all-nationalist manifesto, not a single issue party.

I myself am running for a Town Council by-election on an independent ticket on pretty much all of these issues, and I think the results will be an education if I win, it will make it much harder for anybody, whether they are in UKIP, the BNP, Ms. Hopkins Campaign to ignore the power of such a message.

First, David Jones (Independent) to Todmorden Town Council.
Secondly Bill Etheridge (UKIP) for West Midlands Police Commissioner.

And Then Ms Hopkins, let's see where we can go from there.

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