Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A question for Muslims only: the LibDem candidate or David Jones, Independent Nationalist?

There are only two candidates for councillor in your ward: one is LibDem who are pro-gay marriage, and the other one is the anti-gay marriage David Jones who was expelled from the BPP for apparently being seen to be too friendly with other races.

Who will you vote for?

The LibDem one who is not apparently "racist"?

Or David Jones because he is anti-gay marriage?

Bear in mind that the Koran commands you to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. [3:104; 5:78]

What is expressly forbidden by the Koran is evil, and the Koran forbids homosexuality.   [4:15-16]

As if allowing what is prohibited is not enough, these liberals have to sanctify sin and call it "gay marriage"!

Visit if you want to join the the debate and vote!

David Jones for Traditional Family Values

Joe Rez, LibDem, a member of the liberal establiment

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