Friday, 12 October 2012

A rabbi understands free speech, while the Atheist Humanist Society do not

This was the offensive picture posted by RAHS referring to Rabbi  Solomons "liking" some of my comments on their Facebook group

I am not sure what exactly happened at the Freshers' Fair at Reading University, but I think the Rabbi must have pointed out that the RAHS naming their pineapple Mohammed would be offensive to Muslim ears, and possibly racist.  Perhaps he objected to the deliberate and habitual mockery of religion and religious people by atheists in the name of free speech.

The Rabbi then added me to their Facebook group but I was soon banned from it after the administrators of that group found my comments objectionable.
and has my comments found to be offensive by the RAHS, who seem to be mainly confused and unprincipled young men  who like insulting people who believe in God.

For the record, I am not a Holocaust Denier.   I really don't see how I could possibly know one way or another how many Jews died.   I wasn't there after all.  And even if I were there, I don't see how I could attest to the accuracy of the numbers.

I used to joke that I was a Denier of Holocaust Denial and ask "What number is Holocaust Denial?", but it may just be easier to call myself a Holocaust Agnostic.

Doubtless the fact that I have been very public about being photographed beside David Irving's when I have attended his very entertaining talks have given the impression that I am a Holocaust Denier, but I only want to hear the other side, or, as lawyers like to say, audi alterem partem.

I have nothing against Jews and Muslims though people understandably think I must have because of my Far Right associations.

Most of the Far Right dislike me intensely for saying that, because Jews and Muslims follow their religion and  respect the institution of marriage, they easily do better than so-called Cultural Christians who do not practise their religion.  The white indigenous gentile no longer practise Christian family values because they are given no moral guidance by the Anglican Church, which is mainly staffed by priests who think the Church is only there to give them a living while they are paid to propagate liberalism, sexual liberation, feminism and homosexuality, the very things that the Bible and Koran forbid.

There is no Jewish or Muslim conspiracy, I tell them.  Just by practising family values and respecting the institutions of marriage and family Jews and Muslims will appear effortlessly superior to the so-called Cultural Christians who ignore everything they dislike in the Bible in their liberal conceit, if it does not accord with their Marxist leanings of feminism and free love.

Surely it is not up to Jews to tell Christians to practise family values if their Archbishop of Canterbury is such a Commie Pinko that he is OK with gay marriage?

If these so-called Christians are feeling threatened by the Muslim birth-rate, surely it is up to them to tell their women to get married younger, stay married longer and bring up what children they have properly?  (Do you hear any of these Muslim-hating parties saying anything of this nature?  Does the BNP?  Does the NF?  Of course not.  Most of their members are hardly eligible bachelors or respectable married men.)  Do they really expect Muslims to have fewer babies so these Liberal "Christians" can catch up with them?

Or perhaps they expect Muslims to "integrate" by allowing their women to be never married mothers too and join them in their illegitimacy and degeneracy? This is of course now the majority white British way of mothering and parenting, which perfectly explains our vicious circle of ever lowering standards of behaviour and educational standards.  I therefore quite understand why Muslims would not wish to integrate into Fatso, Dipso, Bingo, ASBO, Tesco culture, and it would just be unfair to blame them.

It is hugely ironic that a rabbi can show more understanding for free speech than typical British university students who claim to be promoting free speech.

The Rabbi and I are both of the view that Holocaust Denial laws are bad for Jews and should be repealed.   In my opinion, they are bad for Jews because they make gentiles think there is a Jewish conspiracy.

This is what the Rabbi said on the subject:

"I agree [with you] on Holocaust Denial - it doesn't really help - it's just like the pineapple thing. I understand why people dislike HD but why bother banning it - it's ludicrous ipso facto so why bother."

I trust this adequately demonstrates that a religious man and someone who is widely known not to be a liberal can have a better understanding of the principles of free speech than hot-headed young guns claiming to promote free speech by being gratuitously offensive.   

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