Wednesday, 17 October 2012

An alliance between Muslims and the European ‘Far Right’?


"The societal breakdown caused by the Left is apparent to any Muslim, as has always been the case of those whose point of view is at odds with tradition and morality. None of us, with our traditional values, can have much sympathy with the values of the Left, especially given the context of the undeniable past and the formation of our identity. Who among us can accept gay marriage and adoption? Who can accept libertine marriage and the collapse of the family or the anarchistic attitude towards order and discipline or the hatred for Jesus Christ and the insults aimed towards his Holy Mother or the militant atheism all the way into the schools and the denial of that which is sacred?"

"When we speak of moral priorities, which is worse in terms of fasâd? The planned destruction of the family, the support for drugs, sexual promiscuity and insults towards Christ and his Holy Mother, or the rejection of mass immigration and emphasizing job security for all French? Let’s be clear: What can we expect from the social engineering of the Left and the Far Left which – without having had time or power on its side – has thoroughly transformed France ever since May 1968, giving us this society in which excesses have become the rule?

Is this the future we want for our France? Should imams nevertheless take part in “Gay Pride” with a pink djellaba and an ultraviolet turban? If this spirit of lenience continues, this will be the end result: instead of imams warning against the “gay attitude,” imams clamoring for “gay pride,” complete with halal (sic) gay marriage!"


Anonymous said...

Far-right politics is mostly for white beta males.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that I can't vote on the 'What is Claire Khaw ?' poll.
There was no option for voting both 'mad' and 'wise' at the same time.
Which is what you are.
Sometimes, frustratingly, in the same sentance.

Claire Khaw said...

I really don't see how one can be mad and wise at the same time. To be mad is to be fundamentally mistaken and wrong about some important fact.

Claire Khaw said...

You can vote more than once, can't you?

Claire Khaw said...

The matriarchy is particularly hard on the beta male, and the beta male is too desperate for female approval to fight back effectively.