Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chairman of the BBC washes his hands of it and hangs it out to dry

Chris Patten has hung the BBC out to dry. He has not protected the BBC at all. He has virtually admitted liability. Who will pay? We, the licence fee payer, of course.

He has washed his hands of the whole matter and said, "I wasn't in the saddle when all this happened.  I am just as shocked and disgusted.  Nothing to do with me, mate."

What are the BBC's lawyers doing?

Instead of saying very firmly indeed that without a trial there can be no question of liability and having to pay out to a bunch of carrion-eating ageing ex-groupies all of whose evidence is stale and contaminated, they are stringing it out, and scaring the BBC into paying more legal fees.   

How much are the fees of Reed Smith, the BBC's lawyer's,  per hour?

It doesn't even say on their website.

Much  more than you and I could afford, but we are going to pay it anyway, cos Chris Patten has virtually admitted liability.

The next lot of licence fee you pay is not going into make programmes, it is going to pay off a bunch of ageing ex-groupies, who are now a degree above the white educated male BBC executive or any formerly famous male celebrity that might  have taken advantage of groupies being groupies.

The groupies are pissing on the heads of male BBC executives, and discredited elderly deceased male celebrities.  The BBC will in turn piss on you, the one who is funding all this.

Wouldn't you rather be scared of the Secret Police or some tyrant than a bunch of immoral women who are opportunistic carrion-eating old groupies who couldn't even provide enough evidence for the police to think that an arrest would lead to conviction?

I would.
"Like" this Justice for Jimmy and the BBC Facebook page if you object to paying out to superannuated groupies with stale and contaminated evidence.  

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