Saturday, 27 October 2012

Cleaning ladies get a windfalll while soldiers paid a pittance die for women's rights in Afghanistan

"Some former full time care workers could be awarded as much as £100,000."

The matriarchy is in full swing all right.

Daryll Christopher:

"Government cleaners and some single mothers on benefits earn much more than low level soldiers who risk their lives. They are paid less simply because they are men, and the life of a man is very cheap.

Part Time cleaners £12,312 - £13,589 per annum

Full Time Rookie Soldier £13,895

I would mutiny if I were a soldier not yet dead and still with my full complement of limbs, stationed in Afghanistan paid a pittance to invade another country in the name of women's rights.

But theirs is to do and die and not ask questions of this damned demented matriarchy.

It seems they will keep dying like flies in Afghanistan too stupid to ask the reason why until there is no one left to overthrow this fucking stinking mess.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's pretty much a joke. Who would bother "fighting" now for one's country? What is there left to possibly defend when everything is open to everyone? Who would bother to want to spread 'freedom' and 'democracy' in places like Afghanistan?

Last night I was at the pub again. It was snowing heavily yesterday here, what about where you are, Claire? Well, anyway, a guy showed me a photo on his phone that somebody sent him. It consisted of a couple having sex except with shit smeared around everywhere, including on the guy's cock and inside her cunt. Not quite sure if that qualifies as "extreme porn".

Claire Khaw said...

London has been mild and dry these past few days. I have posted your comment on Public Debate.

Anonymous said...

I can't see that comment, so I don't know what you posted exactly... the first paragraph?