Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Do women tolerate more evil then men?

Rev Coward plans to refuse the request that he remain celibate
Gay vicar, 65, to 'marry' Nigerian male model half his age

Mr Coward, who is no longer employed by the Church but still has permission to preach, added that he hopes their public commitment will set an example to other gay people within the Anglican community. 

Have you noticed how many women run the Salisbury Ministry?

The Team are:
  1. Revd Canon Jane Charman - Director of Learning for Discipleship and Ministry
  2. Revd Ian Cowley - Co-ordinator for Vocations and Spirituality
  3. Revd Dr Stella Wood - Co-ordinator for Learning for Discipleship
  4. Mr Philip Jones - LLM Training Officer
  5. Ven Alan Jeans - Diocesan Director of Ordinands
  6. Revd Charlie Allen - Co-ordinator for Initial Ministerial Education & Associate Director of Ordinan
  7. Mrs Sue Chandler - Support Officer
  8. Team Administrators Tina Draycott
  9. Andrea Dredge
  10. Jane Murrell
  11. Adrian Smale

4 men, 7 women.

Is this why the Salisbury Ministry are more prepared to tolerate this sort of shit than others?
Are female vicars failing their suicidal male parishioners?

Even if they are, would the men be too emasculated and frightened of complaining?

What do you think the answer is, dear reader?

Are they too afraid to acknowledge their own victimhood and oppression?   Would they prefer to drink themselves to death or throw themselves off a castle when they realise how helpless they are and how hopeless it  is?

The Aztecs practised human sacrifice.  So do we.   Who are the victims of this sacrifice?  Men, children, the elderly, even the selfish evil feminists themselves, the next generation, your society, your nation and ultimately your civilisation.

All patriarchies are sexually restrictive.  All matriarchies are sexually "liberated".   Discovering that you live in a matriarchy is like being told you have terminal cancer.  However, we should bear in mind that the only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy and be patient as we have to undergo the process of things getting worse before they get better.   

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