Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I am a libertarian who hates Ayn Rand

This is clearly a Guardian hatchet job against the Tea Party Movement by Nicholas Lezard, but I just want this on record, OK?

I cannot abide Ayn Rand's prose for one thing.  

All who want a minimum state must concede that there must be some absolute minimum form of government to be aimed for that is consistent with human flourishing.  

Libertarianism is not a return to the law of the jungle where only might is right.  

The minimum of laws and principles of government I have in mind are the ones articulated in the Koran though I am an atheist, but an atheist who cannot find a guide for humanity better than the Koran.

How is the Koran libertarian?

It forbids compulsion in belief.

This means it forbids all thoughtcrime legislation.  

Bye bye, Equality Act 2010.  Bye bye, Equal Pay Act.  Bye bye, feminism.

How else is the Koran libertarian?

Khums could be interpreted to mean a flat rate income tax of 20%.  

Just because I believe in the morality of Libertarian Eugenics does not mean I am a complete shit.   

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