Thursday, 11 October 2012

My 11 Questions for those who want to be Archbishop of Canterbury

Should we be afraid?  Very very afraid?

Dawn French as the Vicar of Dibley

  1. What has the Church of England done for the morals of this country since the ordination of women?
  2. Are clergywomen better at maintaining morals than clergymen?
  3. Is the Church impotent to prevent and reverse widespread illegitimacy because Commie Pinko homos and women refuse to condemn extramarital sex?
  4. Is rising crime, divorce and illegitimacy conclusive evidence that the Anglican Church is not fit for purpose?
  5. If the Anglican Church is no longer fit for purpose, should it not be disestablished?
  6. What does the Anglican Church do apart from serve the purpose of giving an income and a living to Commie Pinko homos and women, who do nothing to protect the morals of the nation, and indeed actively subvert and make a mockery of conventional morality?
  7. How successful is the Anglican Church at preventing divorce?
  8. How successful is the Anglican Church at preventing the suicide of its male parishioners now that it is more female-dominated?
  9. Is the fact that society and the Anglican Church are now so female-dominated that is causing more men to kill themselves? (Do they even care?  Probably not.  Perhaps they care more about promoting gay marriage and their own self advancement through having women bishops, like the selfish immoral corrupt ambitious women they are.)  
  10. Is the Church of England now so morbidly feminised that it is no good to man nor beast, apart from those whose livings come from living off the Church?
  11. If the Anglican Church were a business, would it be in breach of trading standards?

Are female vicars failing their suicidal male parishioners?

How many male suicides have been divorced by their wives?

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