Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Police attempt to intimidate David Jones and pay him a visit this morning

Dave Jones looking the very model of a modern nationalist councillor

Oh dear.  It seems that the Liberal Democrats are getting nervous and putting the frighteners on David Jones of Todmorden, councillor candidate.  Polling day 25 October 2012.

Dave in front of Todmorden Town Hall, looking councillor-like

DJ to CK 9:50:

Just had 3 police round with photo of us with rifles on EDL news page (printed out), Intelligence told them to 'have a quiet word' not kick my door in."

CK to DJ:

Wot did they say?

DJ to CK 9:57:

Looked at guns, asked when photo taken [It was taken in April and the photos first appeared at], "had a complaint, wanted to sort it quietly."  When I queried who it was, they motioned my leaflet and said "councillor?"

The tweets by Liberal Democrat MEP Rebecca Taylor are quite revealing.  Looks like the LibDems are pulling out all the stops in their organ of dirty tricks in an attempt to suggest that Dave is a Nazi nutter and would be a disgrace to the office of councillor if he were ever elected.

Rebecca Taylor ‏@RTaylor_MEP
@IMG_Calderdale people can and do change (evolve?) their political views over decades, but usually not in a matter of months.
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3:22 PM - 5 Oct 12 · Details

Actually, Rebecca, Dave told Jeffrey Marshall and me on our visit to Todmorden that he was considering "going civic" as long as a year ago before he met me.

We also bumped into your father Dr Michael Taylor on Friday evening canvassing with Joe Rez and another.  It was quite amusing the way he froze when he saw the three of us coming down the street after our country walk back into town.

The other thing that has to be said is that most of the locals stop to have a chat with Dave and he seems well-respected.   Would the locals be quite so friendly with Joe Rez, I wonder.

I must say too that Dave is a man of action and acts on ideas and doesn't just sit on new ideas for years and years and years the way lesser politicians and activists do, until they become old ideas.

We even visited  Abid Husain's shop on Saturday where he bought a lighter.   We all shook hands quite  amicably and discussed the floods.   I was interested to meet the man who seemed so cheerful even as he was telling the Today Programme about how he had to spend all night clearing up the mess left by the most recent flood.   There was something very charming about his resigned chuckle, I thought.  Abid is the Mayor of Todmorden.

Very sportingly Dave also took us on an Incredible Edible walk when Jeffrey Marshall and I praised the pretty fish and bee murals along the canal, which cannot have pleased Dave who wants them to "take their poly-tunnels with them" when they leave Todmorden, as he said in his leaflet. This was after we bumped into Helena Cook, an Incredible Edible, in the market and Dave challenged her about the "bee money".

The pretty fish mural by the Incredible Edibles

Helena and Dave spoke very civilly to each other and when she sang the praises of the things the Incredible Edibles have done for Todmorden and talked about the Bee Walk, I was intrigued and asked Dave to take us on that walk, which must have delighted Helena, who happily gave us directions.

Dave and me in front of the bee mural

Dave dislikes the Incredible Edibles because of their newfangled city ways of growing vegetables, I believe.  I am afraid I am not really familiar with the arguments about the Incredible Edibles and have have only the vaguest idea about what a poly-tunnel is.  

Rebecca Taylor ‏@RTaylor_MEP
@Jamesdbaker1 does the #Todmorden town council "independent" (kicked out of British People's Party) candidate have a gun license I wonder?
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10:11 AM - 8 Oct 12 · Details

James Baker ‏@Jamesdbaker1
Have been handed a picture of the Todmorden town council opposition candidate posing with a gun underneath a nazi flag.
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12:51 AM - 8 Oct 12 · Details

James Baker ‏@Jamesdbaker1
@robackroyd Floating around several email servers! Will see about publishing it.
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3:34 AM - 8 Oct 12 · Details


Anonymous said...

What a great democracy it really is. Express views different from that of the mainstream parties, and have the police come to your door.

Anonymous said...

So has dave been arrested

Claire Khaw said...

No, the cops just dropped by to have a few words with him, from the sound of things.