Thursday, 11 October 2012

Reading University Students claiming to promote free speech banned me from their free speech group

I was banned from their Facebook group after suggesting that they re-name their Free Speech Pineapple "Slut Single Mum"

Rabbi Zvi Solomons who is my Facebook friend added me to this Free Speech group at

It could be over a number of things I said, I suppose, but I was never told the reason.

I suggested a number of things to these atheist free-speaking students:

  1. Call their Free Speech Pineapple "Hitler".
  2. When they expressed reluctance to do so, I suggested to them that they were happier to mock Muslims than they are to mock Jews.  
  3. They could get their Art Department to create a Reading University Free Speech Pineapple.
  4. They could name their Free Speech Pineapple an offensive name every week and invite people to explain why they were offended, and mock them some more.  
  5. I also suggested that they call their Free Speech Pineapple "Slut Single Mum" and posted to explain further what I meant by SSMs.  

I was then accused of "spamming" the group by one of the admins, Tim Rouse.  I pointed out that "too many comments" for him does not mean I was spamming the group.  Spam is defined as undifferentiated messages promoting things you are not interested in such as Viagra and penis extensions, none of which I was offering.

I was then banned from the group.  Ironic, eh?   Even people who claim vociferously to promote free speech just don't get it.  I would be quite happy to go over to Reading to explain things to them though if they pay my fare and buy me a nice dinner.

What on earth is the world coming to, when people who claim to be promoting free speech have no idea of the PRINCIPLE of free speech?

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