Sunday, 21 October 2012

Second visit to Todmorden

Joe, who was telling us about the evils of fast food, and Dave

Kirk and Dave at the market

Dave and  me at the farm

Dave and me at his

Dave and me by the Wizard of Whirlaw

Fighting Back with Dave Jones

Dave and me outside the butchers

Jeffrey Marshall outside the butchers

Dave outside the Todmorden Town Hall

Dave and me outside Todmorden Town Hall

Dave by Todmorden Town Hall

Dave looking rather councillor-like

The rather impressive pediment of Todmorden Town Hall

Dave looking very councillor-like

Dave next to the NOTICE OF POLL with his name and Joe Rez's

Dave at the Todmorden Library with its wide selection of  books on homosexuality.  It is almost as if they are trying to promote homosexuality. Now why would they do that? 


As you are all aware, I am up against Liberal Democrat Joe Rez as an Independent for the Central Ward of the Town Council. Liberal Democrat campaigners on behalf of Mr Rez have attacked me for my stance against 'gay marriage', yet it seems to me they are relying on a bloc vote from Todmorden's sizeable Islamic community.

If the Liberal Democrats are attacking me as "homophobic", then they also attack their own Muslim and Christian voters as "homophobic". Both the Bible and Quran state that marriage is between a man and a woman and both disapprove of homosexuality.

The Quran commands believers not only to abstain from, but also to discourage homosexuality, for Muslims are exhorted to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil and it follows that Muslims must regard as evil what is expressly forbidden by the Koran.

Homosexuality is expressly forbidden by the Koran.

Now is surely the time to take a stand against 'gay marriage' when the LibLabCon oligarchy have together conspired to make it appear that anyone who is against gay marriage is immoral and odd, while liberals all over the Western world are seeking to sanctify a sin by introducing 'gay marriage'.

Christians and Muslims must stick to their scriptural principles and vote against the Liberal Democrat Joe Rez, who is also the Mayoral Consort of Abid Hussain, who is the Liberal Democrat Mayor of Todmorden and also a Muslim.

Muslims and Christians of Todmorden who are against 'gay marriage' now have the chance to make a stand against it and this opportunity must not be missed.

Gay men and women already have the civil partnership and can inherit from each other free of inheritance tax just like a husband and wife.  There is therefore no reason why they should insist on encroaching on marriage, which all right-thinking members of society must know was originally created only for men and women to bring up children of the marriage together in a stable family environment with a mother and a father.

This is surely the ideal that all of us, whatever our religion, should strive for as parents if we want to invest in the future of the next generation as well as the future of the nation.

Telling the youth of today that it is acceptable to be gay will do nothing for the next generation or Britain's intentional competitiveness, which will require a young labour force to replace the old.

Thursday 25 October is the time to make a stand against PC liberal extremism.  It may well be your last opportunity to do so.

If we look after the next generation, the next generation will look after us.

Reverend Robert West's sermon on gay marriage is at

Dave Jones speaking at the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston, hosted by the England First Party.

At the Bear Cafe.  Dave had English Breakfast tea.

Dave and me at the Bear Cafe

Dave and me in front of the bee mural by the Incredible Edibles

The mural by the canal by the Incredible Edibles

Feeling Dave's collar

Dave having his collar felt

Dave seeing us off at the station


Anonymous said...

Nice photos Claire.

Is that you having a sly cigarette in this picture?

Also, in the poll that you have posted, it seems more people think you're mad than anything else. Yet you seem positively sane in comparison with, say, this blogger:

Claire Khaw said...

Yes, I am afraid that was one of Dave's rollies.

I note that blogger is not quite mad enough to blog under his real name!

Anonymous said...

That blogger is a paranoid American with a fixation over "Jews and Negroes". Pretty much a classical neo-Nazi type.

As for gay marriage... yes, I think it seems unnecessary especially when civil partnerships already exist.

I am aware that you are "non-racist", unlike many of your associates. If you are non-racist, then that leaves you free to focus on other issues in society not relating to race. However there are some people, like myself for example, who don't really actually like being a white male. Most "racists" really hate black people and members of other races. Now I don't really have the same issue, but I do have a strong dislike for being what I am. Is this racism against myself?

Anonymous said...

I would also say...

Most "racists" seem to be really, really proud of what they are. I just can't bring myself to feel like that.

Claire Khaw said...

Self-hatred, like self-love and self-regard, comes and goes. I wouldn't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Diversity is a good thing.

Prejudice is a bad thing.

This is not difficult to grasp.

Also, you might want to tell Dave that everyone assumes that bitter, homophobic men are closet gays.

Claire Khaw said...

Surely it is possible to be homophobic without being secretly gay?

If you have any questions to ask him, you can find him at