Saturday, 27 October 2012

The liberal establishment destroys itself

There is no honour amongst these thieves.   Only I can save them, and only if they ask me the right questions.   But they are already running around like headless chickens.  Can they even formulate a sensible question?

What these celebrities should realise is this: they are envied and hated by the disgruntled voter, and, being male, the excuses available to women are not available to them.

The mob do not care about giving these hated envied celebrities such a thing as a fair trial.

All they know is that someone they dislike has been accused of something foul.

Therefore they are guilty and must be punished.

Even if they are not guilty they would still like to see them punished, so they can observe with grim satisfaction to each other in their schadenfreude "How are the mighty fallen."

Mob justice is all that is available to these celebs now, and saying things like "Oh, but most of my colleagues were doing it then" will only get them into more trouble.

No one will take on board what Steve Moxon says at

If Max Clifford wants to save his clients he should come to me, to give them a better chance.  I am legally trained, after all.

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