Monday, 22 October 2012

The religion of the Matriarchy v The Religion of the Patriarchy

The religion of the Matriarchy consists of

  1. Sexual Liberal AKA Sexual Licence
  2. The Worship of Sluts
  3. The Tolerance of Slut Single Mums
  4. The promotion of Gay Marriage
  5. Higher Taxes
  6. More Laws
  7. the Desecration of Marriage as an Institution
  8. no-fault divorce
  9. the undermining of masculine authority
  10. the undermining of parental authority

The Religion of the Patriarchy consists of ... ?

Do I really need to tell you again what feminist liberal leftist socialist liberal scum have been doing to your civilisation?   

Man created God to protect him from Woman.   Only God and religion can save men from feminism now. 

Why is feminism so insidious?

Because feminism bribes men with cheap sex until all  he can think in terms of is the next fuck and next blowjob rather than the future, the long-term national interest and the next generation, and of honour, integrity and pride.   

Feminism makes men think and act like women too.   While real women know that any foreign invader will simply maintain them as they have been maintained before by their own men, the men of an invaded country will simply be killed or taken as slaves by foreign invaders.   

That is the difference then, between you and the ladies.   You won't be able to get away with being quasi-women forever, whingeing about paternity leave and the trials and tribulations of being a house-husband.

Do you think you might now like to start thinking about how you are going to challenge the matriarchy who have now taken over every important area of public life?   

Or will you use the fact that you have a job, a wife and children as an excuse to say nothing and do nothing?  

Then you are just useless degenerate scum who are really women with penises incapable of giving birth.  Such freaks of nature deserve only extermination.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was at the pub at the weekend and you know what I found?

A girl talking about how she was masturbating to porn on the internet, a 47-year-old man slobbering over a girl's boobs and pulling them out of her top for all to see...

You couldn't make it up. Truth is stranger than fiction. But what kind of a culture is needed to create this kind of behaviour?

Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with you that if that's what you found, then it it is nauseating.

It is interesting that I can't find one example of one bar where I live where I might ever see such scenes.But I live in France (the South -there might be differences in the regions).

In France there are plenty of single mothers. Plenty of Feminists
too (I am not a Feminist and I believe in I'm not making excuses).

When I owned a clothes shop, it drove me mad that no girl would ever buy a skirt through which you coud see the most subtle silhouette of her legs against the light. There is great modesty.

Whenever I come across groups of young English girls (tourists) in the summer, they are dressed like tarts,and loud, drunk and vulgar.

It's got to be something in English drinking habits and (cheap)'celeb' culture, rather than something to do with Feminism, surely ?

Claire Khaw said...

If you agree with me that feminism is an ideology you follow if you think it is OK to allow women to do men's jobs badly while neglecting their own work, then you may possibly agree with me that declining standards of education and behaviour kicks in when you start tolerating never married mothers.

Western malaise is not confined to Britain. I think the extent of the rot can be measured by the statistics on illegitimacy.

Possibly France has not quite got it as bad as Britain, but it is probably only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous, 24 October 2012 12:17:00 BST

Thanks for the response. However, I was talking about events that happened in a pub in Scotland, not England (you had no way of knowing that though).

Whether it's being a single mother, having tattoos and piercings, drinking and smoking, swearing, being promiscuous or whatever else... yeah there a large number of symptoms of cultural degeneracy amongst white women in the UK. Especially, it must be said, those of the lower social classes, but by no means exclusively them.

Not that the men are much better. However I am a white male and have no body modification, am a non-drinker (although used to drink a lot), and am generally reliable. I am the type of guy that women could trust.

In other words, I'm probably a boring, beta male, nice guy, unsexy. That's why women never stay with me for very long - I don't assert myself enough, I don't dominate them enough, I'm too polite.

Claire Khaw said...

Well, understanding the problem is one giant step towards solving it.

Sadly, the alphas don't care about the betas and the betas can't do it by themselves.

But at least you know where I am now, where to find me online, and how my battle plans are being formed.

Anonymous said...

Would you agree with what is being said here, Claire?

Claire Khaw said...

Ah, it is so nice to know I have been unconsciously behaving like an alpha male!