Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What George Entwistle should have done
  1. Pulled the tribute programme for Jimmy Savile.
  2. Pulled the investigation into Jimmy Savile.

That is what I would have done anyway.

You cannot pursue someone beyond the grave.   To do so would set a terribly bad precedent.   Do not speak ill of the dead, for they can no longer defend themselves.   

Imagine yourself dead and all sorts of terrible things being said about you being a paedo and everything else, just cos some people feel like sticking the knife in and humiliating your loved ones.   

Even if Jimmy Savile were guilty of everything he is accused of, his accusers should have done their accusing while he was still alive.

Nothing they say can now be proven or disproved, and all their evidence is contaminated.   

Next time someone sexually exploits you, complain about it pronto and don't wait till the perp is dead, OK?

The DG does have the air of a slightly incompetent headmaster though, so I think he will end up having to resign.   It seems he was something to do with BBC Vision which was responsible for the tribute programme.  Understandably, Entwistle did not want that pulled, perhaps out of loyalty to his old department, but that was the wrong call, O Slightly Incompetent Looking Headmaster, and you will have to pay the price, I predict.   

Let his head roll rather than make the licence fee payer pay for Jimmy Savile's gropes and under-aged sex.

Who will be the new DG, I wonder.

If the licence fee payer ends up paying for any of these shenanigans then it is one more nail in the coffin for the BBC, which should be broken up and sold, leaving just one state propaganda TV channel and radio station for the government.
"Like" this Facebook page if you don't want the BBC licence fee payer to be forced to pay out to a bunch of superannuated groupies offering stale and contaminated evidence in the hope of financial compensation.

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