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Why the BNP will *never* challenge feminism and why British nationalism is dead in the water

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.@1party4all Nobody - apart from Griffin and family - will ever lead the BNP again. Sooner people accept this, they can move on. #EDL
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Claire Khaw
@Nationalist_UK I had a chat with Jim Dowson who told me what #feminists Nick Griffin's daughters are.
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@1party4all Wouldn't surprise me if one of Griffo's daughters takes over and he sits in the background as life president.
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Nationalist UK
@1party4all No, LOL. But over the last few years they've taken party administration in-house, literally. He'll coach Jenny maybe?
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Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@Nationalist_UK Are Nick Griffin's 4 children all daughters? I actually met Jennifer on the day of this interview:

Jennifer's journey to the front of the BNP
She is 17, outspoken and loves pop music. Jennifer Griffin, daughter of the British National Party leader, is being presented as the new face of the right. She talks to Amelia Hill.
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Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@Nationalist_UK It is weird how parties become dynastic before they are even fit for purpose.

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At least Henry VIII tried the best he could to avoid having a female successor.  Elizabeth I reigned long and well because she was unusually wise and had good advisers.  The reign of Blood Mary was not a happy time for the English, and there must have been a reason why Henry was terrified of being the one who handed his kingdom to be misruled by a woman.   Is Jennifer Griffin showing any political promise?  It would appear that she subscribes to all the usual feminist pieties a woman these days would.

All I have heard about her political activities was that she failed to attend a Belfast tribunal and gave some weird excuse.

Hardly a sign of promise then.  

Clearly, if all Nick Griffin is going to do is hand it to one of his female offspring then dumb unquestioning nationalists are just paying a family firm in the business of selling hope to dumb gullible uneducated losers, who are happy to continue doing this however inept the leadership.  

If you are going to have a feminist leading nationalist, then you might as well a racial foreigner like me leading nationalism.

Has anyone heard Jennifer's speeches?   Does anyone know what she thinks about anything at all?  Jim Dowson said she is a fanatical feminist, and we all know the kind of shit feminists believe in, don't we?

Feminists believe in condoning if not actually rewarding female promiscuity.

Feminism is the ridiculous notion that it is both moral and sustainable to allow women to do men's jobs badly while neglecting their own.

Looks like British nationalism is doomed then.

Whatever Thatcher was she was not a fucking feminist.  

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