Thursday, 11 October 2012

Why we should not speak ill of the dead

After all, they cannot speak in their own defence.

Yes, that includes Jimmy Savile too.  

Come on, girls, what is the point of complaining now?  The man is dead.   You should have complained when he was still alive.  I suppose the prospect of publicity and the possibility of compensation must really drive you.  

It seems a bit of waste of effort with the police investigations.  How are you going to take these investigations further?   Drop in on Savile in hell?

What tossers and arseholes people are.  So prone to mass hysteria in their effeminate morbidly feminine culture of excuses and entitlement.   

Do they care how this must look to foreigners?

They must be asking themselves 

"Wasn't it obvious to the English that this man was some sort of a pervert just by the clothes he wore?  And he became their national hero and was even knighted?   And only when he died did all these molested women come out of the woodwork and the police are taking them seriously and Scotland Yard is involved?   Wow, these people are really really STUPID, wasting police time like that.  Wow."

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