Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Another Anglican clergyman with a third rate mind unable or unwilling to discuss the role of a state religion in maintaining morality

"Farewells being said at #synod. Common Sense was said farewell to yesterday."
2:38 PM - 21 Nov 12

Claire Khaw
"I thought the Church was meant to be a rock not a weathervane."

"Not heard that of Church as a rock before - where did you get that?"

Claire Khaw
"As a metaphor for a guide to morality, I said the Church ought to be a rock instead of weathervane. Do you disagree?"

"No, you said 'I though the Church was meant to be…' Can't think where you got the idea. What it ought to be is another question"

Claire Khaw
"You do not see it as the role of the Church to safeguard the morals of the nation?

It appears you see the purpose of the Church as means by which to give people like you a job for life.

Have you said anything about morality recently in your sermons? Probably not, apart from telling people to be tolerant."

"No. The role of the Church is to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

My 'job' for life as a Christian came with my baptism not my ordination.

I think you and I have different ideas about what 'morality' is. Thus I will not satisfy your demands for preaching about it.

Time for the school run - breath of fresh air away from the crazies.
3:11 PM - 21 Nov 12

Gay vicar admits to being uncertain on all matters of morality apart from the rightness of gay marriage


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Elsie said...

um...I'm not religious at all, infact I am an atheist -but didn't the idea of the church as a 'rock' come from J.C. saying to Peter " you are the rock on which I will build my church ?".

I mean, putting 'rock' and 'church' in the same sentance is hardly some whacky new inexplicable idea ?

Elsie said...

I'd quite like to know what Andrew Sillis's ideas on morality are....just out of curiosity...

Not deigning to reply usually means that you can't reply -because you can't formulate a coherent answer, and are afraid of debate.

Elsie said...

...and of course I should have said 'sentence' and not 'sentance' in my first comment....