Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on God and Religion


  1. "God certainly exists as a concept, and Man should know because it was Man who created God."
  2. "God was created by Man to assist him in his government, morality and spirituality."
  3. "God is the policeman inside your head."
  4. "God is cheaper and less intrusive than CCTV."
  5. "The Koran is a good enough guide for Man, whether or not he believes in the actual existence of God."
  6. "God, if He exists, would operate through your conscience."
  7. "The best way to treat God is to behave as if He exists, while being indifferent to His actual existence.       Let us call this Agnostic Indifference."
  8. "It is perfectly possible that the so-called Prophets of God did not themselves actually believe in God, but behaved rather like parents who tell their children about Father Christmas as a way of encouraging good behaviour."
  9. "God is the most powerful idea conceived by Man."
  10. "Judaism is Thesis, Christianity is Antithesis, and Islam is Synthesis."
  11. Man created God to protect him from Woman."
  12. “A unique omnipotent God is the most powerful entity we can conceive of. It is also a very useful idea. Even if God does not exist we can still admire the majesty of this divine Creation of Man.”
  13. “There is no harm in instilling a belief in God in those who are not the moral philosophers of society (and by this I mean those who do not see the point of being good for the sake of being good) to prevent the nation from being overwhelmed by the dark forces of sluttery, bastardy, dementia and chaos.”
  14. "Religion is for sheep, Politics is for shepherds, and wolves."
  15. "God Himself was man-made and His commandments and laws are man-interpreted. A perfect instrument misused by the morally-deficient cannot produce perfect results."
  16. "Israel is the clearest example of [the Christians] robbing Peter [Muslim] to pay Paul [Jew]."
  17. "Jews recommend liberalism to the gentile in the same way that a wife who wants to her husband to die of a heart attack  would ply him with cream while declining to partake saying she must watch her figure."
  18. "The Jews are the teacher's pets of God in a school of bullies and dunces."
  19. “If the Koran is a ship then much of the Hadith are the barnacled encrustations that slow its progress."
  20. "It is paradoxical to create something and then worship this thing that we created just by thinking of it.  But that is the delight and power of ideas and the human imagination. In this way is man like God."
  21. “The most significant act of existentialism was when Man created God, proceeded to worship Him as if He existed, and tried to get everyone else to do so too.”
  22. "Just because God is a creation of Man, this does not in any way detract from the divine grandeur of this conception."
  23. "An imperfect religion must be separated from the state.  However, a perfect religion should and must be incorporated into the governing principles of the state." 
  24. "The eternal questions ought to be (1) What is necessary (2) What is practicable (3) What is true and       (4) What is right, and not, as in Western philosophy, centuries of asking the divisive question of whether God exists, and never even expecting to receive a proper answer."
  25. "Religion is for people who can't do politics."
  26. "A Muslim told me that Muslims can only be defeated with the Koran. Presumably he meant that the worst of Muslims - the ones who claim to be Muslim while ignoring the commandments in the Koran - can be defeated by interpreting the Koran better than they can."
  27. "The Little People need to believe in their Santa of Little People for not everyone can be Nietzscheans. The little and the lame need their crutches and therefore the strong and the swift must give it to them, as parents pander to the sensibilities and susceptibilities of children. It would be callous not to allow the Little People their certainties and their comforts. Indeed, even the swift and strong sometimes feel small and become lame, and God is indeed greater than His Creator, who is Man. Therein lies the secret of the literal translation of 'Allahu akbar' -  'God is greater than His Creation and His Creator (who is Man).'  "
  28. "Let it not be said that I am ant-Semite who believes in a Jewish conspiracy against the goyim.  It only seems so because Christians have had their minds destroyed through centuries of Trinitarian indoctrination, which is immensely corrupting and enfeebling because it forces them to pretend to believe that Christ is really God.   It will not be long before the availability of Islam will make the inferiority of Christianity glaringly obvious once Western civilisation - currently being very ill-served by a mongrelised Christian Liberalism - hits rock bottom."
  29. "Judaism is a exclusive golf club while Islam is a political party."
  30. "You don't have to believe in God to believe in Sin, for Sin is only what is bad for you in the long term, for you and your society."
  31. "Morality is the cake of religion, while Spirituality is its icing."
  32. "Religion is politics and politics is conflict. But politics is the highest calling of man, and man is a political animal."
  33. "There is no God but the imaginary all-powerful entity that Man created, in his God-like way.  Man only had to conceive of God to create Him."
  34. "An atheist who wants a theocracy is no better or worse than parents who instils in their offspring a belief in Santa."
  35. "The law sets a limit on our immorality when God fails to restrain us."
  36. "As an instrument of government, it could be said that God is an infinite resource."
  37. "We are what we eat. That is why the Christians are so keen on pretending to eat the flesh of Christ, whom they also believe is God, and pretending to drink his blood."

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