Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on Liberals and Liberalism


  1. "Liberals like to pretend that everyone is as nice as they are when they are being nice. Conservatives know that everyone is as nasty as they are when they are being nasty."
  2. "It would be the easiest thing in the world to do to undermine the entire basis of liberalism, for there are many questions liberals cannot answer honestly without ceasing to be liberals."
  3. "Liberals would cling to their reputation for indiscriminate compassion and Free Love at any cost, though the skies fall in and the world lose its reason."
  4. "Liberalism is a demented, vacillating, cowardly, hypocritical old woman afraid of being told that she is dying of a terminal illness."
  5. "Whom we are allowed to have sex with has always been a deeply political subject.  Liberals, even as they hysterically insist that sex is nothing to do with morality, are demonstrating that it is."
  6. "Liberalism was the thin end of the wedge of Feminism"
  7. "If you want to change people's behaviour there is the carrot and the stick. Liberals never want to use the stick, while Conservatives use all available means at their disposal, unhampered by the cowardly, pathetic and effeminate liberal obsession to be indiscriminately compassionate."
  8. "Jews recommend liberalism to the gentile in the same way that a wife who wants to her husband to die of a heart attack  would ply him with cream while declining to partake saying she must watch her figure."
  9. "Liberalism, Atheism, Feminism, Free Love and the Matriarchy are the natural enemies of Conservatism, God, Family, Marriage  and the Patriarchy."
  10. Liberals don’t like condemning anything and being party poopers because that is so uncool. This means they will never condemn evil because they care more about how they seem to others than about any kind of morality. Liberalism is basically compulsory stupidity (because it commands the suspension of our judgement when it tells us not to be "judgemental" on matters of sexual morality) as well as compulsory promiscuity, compulsory cowardice, compulsory compassion and compulsory hypocrisy.”
  11. "Freedom is what you should have after all the laws necessary for society are in place."


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