Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on Race and Nation


  1. “Our children might as well be a hostile alien race if we do not bring them up properly.”
  2. "Tribes can consist of people of the same race. Different tribes can agree to put their differences aside and become a nation. Those tribes who freely decide to become a nation because they know it is in their best interests to do so do not have to be of the same race, only of the same mind."


  1. "Only civic nationalism can give ethno-nationalists the means and the liberty to be with their own kind." 
  2. "Nationhood is a collective consciousness of a desire transcending race and class to become a nation for the greater good." 
  3. "Nationalism should be defined as a pragmatic ideology of serving the National Interest, and the National Interest is nothing more and nothing less than the judicious balancing of the conflicting interests of those who belong to that nation, for the greater good, in the long term."
  4. "The distinction between politics and religion is a distinction without a difference."
  5. "What is the point of having a succession of governments that cannot think beyond the next election?"
  6. "Any one-party state that says it acts in the National Interest and cares about its poor is arguably National Socialist."
  7. "Chinese civilisation rose and fell and rose again very quickly because its one-party state encouraged its politicians to be rational, robust and resourceful while minimising political differences by its all-encompassing embrace of compulsory comradeship."
  8. "Fascism in the early 21st century is but Conservatism demonised."
  9. "Since there is such a dearth of political talent in all the parties, it would be logical to only have one party that would allow differences to be resolved within that party."
  10. " 'Religion' comes from the word 'religare' - the Latin for 'to bind'.  Religion was what the ancients used for social cohesion."
  11. "Religion is just another word for ideology."
  12. "‎'Ummah' - the Muslim version of Christendom - is sometimes translated as nation. This demonstrates that the concept of nation is greater than that of race."
  13. "In fact, ethno-nationalism is nothing more than racial tribalism. If that is the case then it is civic nationalism that will preserve the right to be with your own kind."
  14. "Civic nationalism is the only true form of nationalism and ethno-nationalism is just divisive tribalism glorified."
  15. ‎"The concept of nation transcends race. They are not the same thing or they would not be two different words. The former is abstract, nobler and harder to grasp and achieve, and the other refers to the colour of a person's skin."
  16. "A one-party state need not be totalitarian if its constitution protects the free speech and rights of its members more effectively than the Conservative Party constitution protects the rights of the Prime Minister's Cabinet Ministers."  
  17. "The Chinese Communist Party constitution protects the rights of its members by listing what they are, while the Conservative Party constitution is intentionally totalitarian."
  18. "Once upon a time, all the countries of the world were naturally and incorrigibly fascist."
  19. "Fascism was how the world naturally operated on, until the term was coined."
  20. "Fascism AKA Conservatism is patriarchal and Liberalism matriarchal.  When there are two evils, always choose the lesser one"
  21. "Even Hitler would have to admit that the Chinese are more successful practitioners of National Socialism than Germans."
  22. "The moment the Soviets gave up on the idea of World Communism, they became National Socialists. The moment they had a multi-party system, they became a corrupt oligarchy like us."
  23. "The world was once naturally and unselfconsciously fascist.  It was only after the term was invented by those who  lost wars that it came to be regarded as a political aberration.  Even liberals practise fascism in their own way when they pass thoughtcrime legislation and censor free speech."
  24. "Democracy should be limited to those who relish and are capable of making difficult political decisions for the greater good.  That would be about 10% of the population."
  25. "I would define 'nation' as 'groups of peoples who agree to be part of a nation in furtherance of their common good'."
  26. "The nation should be made to run on the principles of Good Husbandry instead of the preferences of the stupid, immoral and profligate slut with degenerate and illegitimate offspring.”
  27. "Freedom is what you should have after all the laws necessary for society are in place."
  28. “Morality is about articulating, understanding and applying abstract concepts, as well as balancing them against each other for the greater good.”

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