Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on Trinitarianism


  1. "The mystery of the Trinity cannot be solved without ceasing to be a Christian."
  2. “The doctrine of the Trinity served the purpose of pretending that Christ didn’t die like a common criminal, in an age when people were credulous.”
  3. "Let it not be said that I am an anti-Semite who believes in a Jewish conspiracy against the goyim.  It only seems so because Christians have had their minds destroyed through centuries of Trinitarian indoctrination, which is immensely corrupting and enfeebling because it forces them to pretend to believe that Christ is really God.   It will not be long before the availability of Islam will make the inferiority of Christianity glaringly obvious once Western civilisation - currently being very ill-served by a mongrelised Christian Liberalism - hits rock bottom."

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