Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Claire Khaw's aphorisms on War and Revolution


  1. "War is violence committed by one state against another. Revolution or terrorism can be violence committed by a group against a state or innocent civilians.  As there can be just wars, so can there be 'just terrorism'. Terrorists (or violent revolutionaries) only become freedom fighters and statesmen if they are successful in their terrorism.  Good government entails the prevention of grievance that causes      acts of terrorism to be committed, and bad governments deserve to be overthrown."
  2. "In politics, it is better to be abused than to be ignored."
  3. “A revolutionary does not wait upon events like a servant, but sees to it that events are engineered in the service of the Cause, or at the very least, that opportunities are not lost. The revolutionary does what is actually necessary to make things happen, rather than do only what he wishes to do, unlike a mere activist.”
  4. "War and Revolution is like defecation and vomiting: ugly, but necessary to rid the body of toxins."

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