Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Claire Khaw's miscellaneous aphorisms


"Forgiving your enemies serves a very practical purpose.  All those who participate successfully in politics know the utility of having a forgiving nature, for it is this that disarms our enemies."


  1. "All the evidence against me is already online."
  2. "I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman."
  3. "My reputation for alleged lunacy and insanity comes not from saying things that I feel to be true, but for daring to say them."
  4. "Women are as afraid of being accused of hard-heartedness in  precisely the same way that men used to be afraid of being accused of effeminacy.  I, being the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman, would rather be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for the lies I tell." 
  5. "I have deconstructed and reconstructed God."
  6. "I am a Jew at heart, but in practice a Muslim."
  7. "I delight in my ideas being tested to destruction. The trouble is getting people to even approach them to have a look."
  8. "If I am biased, I am biased in favour of Truth and Reason."


"To be happy one must first learn to be content."


Our Emotions are the means by which we gauge the Quality of our Reason. If we do unwise things, we suffer emotional distress. If we use our Reason and behave wisely, we experience the emotional gratification of thinking ourselves wise, beloved, good and fortunate."


"So many cynics are afraid to defend good ideas that they want to be the first to sneer at them so as not to appear fools for ever supporting what they feel can only fail."


“Insanity is when you are mistaken as to some material and fundamental fact and cannot and will not be corrected. It is not when you are morally wrong.”


  1. "Your soul is the memory you leave behind, which takes on an existence independent of you after you have died."
  2. "The only afterlife we have is the reputation we leave behind."


"We are what we are. Some of us care about what we ought to be."


"People call deviating from the norm "extreme". It is as well to deviate from the irrational, if the norm is irrational."

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