Monday, 12 November 2012

Corrections to Matthew Collins's account of the break-up of the Khaw & Jones alliance

Matthew Collins's report is so full of falsehoods and inaccuracies that I have had to break his report down into single sentences to deal with each and every falsehood and inaccuracy as the occur in each sentence.

"Well, let’s begin with the news that all soap opera fans have been dreading: The odd couple of David Jones and Claire Khaw have split. Needless to say, Dave has not taken it too well."

This is the only sentence of Matthew Collins's report that is accurate.  Dave in fact threatened suicide at the weekend and I had to call the police.  I am surprised Collins missed that.

"Having invited his Chinese Nazi friend up to his farm to play with guns and swastikas, she has decided that he is too “low class” to continue their friendship."

This sentence is an ungrammatical non sequitur clearly unworthy of deconstruction, let alone comment.   I am not a Nazi either.  To be a Nazi, I would have to be a politically-active Aryan German national living in Germany when Hitler was in power.  Clearly, this is impossible.

"Apparently it boils down to not just David being a “loser” (her words), but also his being “low class” having only three pence of credit on his phone the night he was supposed to text her the result of his most recent electoral drubbing."

It is always exasperating when the facts are already online and Collins still cannot be bothered to do his research properly or at all.  A blow by blow account of how this break-up took place can be read at

It was not I who broke our friendship, but Dave who took it upon himself to unfriend me on Facebook on Thursday 8 November.


What follows was the exchange that led to it.

Claire Khaw
You really should find access to a keyboard that works or not bother. Someone is going to take the mickey soon. It is like someone stuttering and stammering.

David Jones
[someone  whose name shall be nameless],is,fixing,us,up,a,printer

Claire Khaw
It will be helpful for you.

David Jones

Claire Khaw
You will have the benefit of my advice as always.
It annoys me that you are too poor to have access to a working keyboard.
It is like having a political ally who is stuttering or has a speech impediment.

David Jones

Claire Khaw
Fuck trying and failing.
Just give it up then.

David Jones

Claire Khaw
Typing like a retard is going to be so good for your image, eh?

David Jones

Claire Khaw
Then I got one that worked.

David Jones

Claire Khaw
You with your image problem typing like a retard.
Excuses, excuses.
At least I tried, is the usual excuse.
Don't bother doing it if you are going to do it badly.

David Jones

Claire Khaw
Now I have to put up with you typing like a retard.
For how long?
sick of it.

David Jones

Claire Khaw
sick of retards.

David Jones

"Being referred to as “low class” has clearly upset David (there’s about 597 comments on his facebook page as people tried to explain it to him). She also complained that David never once bought her dinner on the numerous times she went to his farm."

I never complained about that.  When Dave said:

"I spend my last £25 on you guys [giving you and Jeff dinner]"

I said:

"I seem to remember that Jeff and I bought you a two course meal in return, and on the last occasion too. The first time we visited we bought you a meal, leafleted for you, but did not receive a meal for our trouble, not that we were expecting anything.

How typically lower class of you to point this out. That is why you will never win, Dave.

No one would vote for a peasant with a massive chip on his shoulder like you.

Added to that, to want to wash your dirty linen in public like this shows a singular lack of judgement and a total absence of self-control.

I have not discussed this with anyone, not even Jeff. It is you who have chosen to do so bring this out in public, under the impression that doing so will do you credit."

'Poor old David, and to think he never once raised an eyebrow the million other times that single mother Khaw referred to other sing Mothers as “sluts”.'

Actually, I do not call all single mothers sluts.

Not all mothers are single mothers and not all single mothers are Slut Single Mothers ie SSMs ie Never Married Mothers.  (I am actually thinking of calling them Spinster Single Mothers, since this is a technical term for a woman who has never been married and whose offspring is illegitimate, to address the problem of so many people finding the term "slut" offensive.  It is my view that widespread illegitimacy causes degeneracy and could easily be stopped, if only the government would criticise them, rather than pandering to them.)

"Indeed, rather than campaign for Jones anymore, Khaw has decided she needs to rescue the reputation of serial child abuser Jimmy Savile instead!"

Actually, I think Jimmy Savile did probably do it, but am trying to stand up for the principle of being treated as innocent till proven guilty.

The Facebook page is at

I have been rather concerned about how such an important principle of justice could be infringed with so little protest.  It seems the majority of people are prepared to ride roughshod over this principle in order to show how compassionate they are and how much they feel for their victims as well as how much they hate paedophiles to the extent that they do not feel they deserve a fair trial and that the number of accusations made against the accused is ipso facto evidence of its truth.   These are all first year law student points, but I am under the impression that no one wishes to be seen to be defending the rights of anyone accused of being a paedophile, and are happy to assume their guilt.

"She does love a lost cause, which will no doubt please Khaw’s suitor Jeff Marshall, who I’m told was not a fan of travelling to Todmorden to keep a jealous eye on the two, while one of the idiots was waving a firearm around."

Jeffrey, who is not my suitor but a friend, was perfectly happy to come with me to Todmorden again.  We did not see any firearms at all at Dave's house.

I really do hope, for the sake of all who live in the West, that the principle of being treated as innocent till proven guilty is  not a lost cause, as Matthew Collins seems to be saying.


joefrombradford said...

This is some more funny stuff. I am being bukkake'd with the comedy tonight.

Jeff Marshall said...

Matthew Collins' pieces are always so full of lies that it has long since stopped occurring to me to challenge the disinformation contained in them.

You do so brilliantly.

Bluto said...

Searchlight and Hope not Hate pieces are so full of lies because they rely on liars to write them. Still it is a testimony to the strength of the right that only liars, hypocrites and pissheads ever have anything to do with Searchlight/Hope
not Hate