Thursday, 1 November 2012

Claire Khaw prepares to ride to the rescue of Max Clifford as matriarchal opportunists attempt to knock him off his perch

Knives are out for Max Clifford cos he dares to defend those who have been accused of paedophilia.

I too dare to do the same as can be seen at this Facebook page which I started at defending the right of anyone accused to be treated as innocent till proven guilty, after a fair trial.

It is quite quite disgusting that not a single lawyer in this country stuffed to the gills with lawyers dares to point out that if Jimmy Savile's guilt cannot be established after a fair trial, then there can be no question of any liability to be suffered by anyone.  

There can be no fair trial now, even if Jimmy Savile could be resurrected to face his accusers.  

All the rules of sub judice have been broken.

Lawyers being lawyers, they are probably waiting for the everyone to get really really really scared so they will be more likely to consult a lawyer to tell him what any law graduate will be able to tell him:


Trial by media in the Kangaroo Court of Public Opinion does not count as a fair trial, unless we want to live in a country where this sort of thing routinely happens.

Do we?

Or are we too stupid, slut and bastard to care about these things now?

Interestingly, a lawyer tweeter said she didn't care.  It had to be a woman, didn't it?

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7:09 PM - 31 Oct 12 · 

And she is also someone high-up in the Open University Law Society who are, interestingly, all women.

I once asked Max if he could do anything to promote me, but he said no, but I am very forgiving sort of woman and make it a point of defending unpopular but meritorious causes.

Now that there is an opportunistic attempt to knock him off his perch as King of PR, I think he may well now need my help.

Wow, these bastards are now insinuating that he might be a paedo!

Max, I suggest you contact a firm of libel lawyers pronto.   

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