Thursday, 15 November 2012

National Socialism is just one-partyism

What is National Socialism?

It was not really Gassing the Jews-ism as most people seemed to think.

No, it was "one-party-ism".

Starts 1:53

This is what Hitler says about National Socialism:

"When our party had only seven members, it already had two principles:  first it would be a party with a true ideology [of nationalism ie of the long term national interest]..   And second it would be, uncompromisingly, the one and only party ... "

This does sound rather frightening, but if it were up to me, the rights of party members will be protected in the following terms, as per Article 4 of the Chinese Communist Party:

Party members enjoy the following rights:

(1) To attend relevant Party meetings, read relevant Party documents, and benefit from the Party's education and training.
(2) To participate in the discussion of questions concerning the Party's policies at Party meetings and in Party newspapers and journals.
(3) To make suggestions and proposals regarding the work of the Party.
(4) To make well-grounded criticism of any Party organization or member at Party meetings, to present information or charges against any Party organization or member concerning violations of discipline or the law to the Party in a responsible way, to demand disciplinary measures against such a member, or call for dismissal or replacement of any incompetent cadre.
(5) To participate in voting and elections and to stand for election.
(6) To attend, with the right of self-defense, discussions held by Party organizations to decide on disciplinary measures to be taken against themselves or to appraise their work and behavior; other Party members may also bear witness or argue on their behalf.
(7) In case of disagreement with a Party decision or policy, to make reservations and present their views to Party organizations at higher levels even up to the Central Committee, provided that they resolutely carry out the decision or policy while it is in force.
(8) To put forward any request, appeal, or complaint to higher Party organizations even up to the Central Committee and ask the organizations concerned for a responsible reply.
No Party organization, up to and including the Central Committee, has the right to deprive any Party member of the above-mentioned rights.

People may sneer at this idea, but ask any MP or any member of any party in the UK if they have anything like the equivalent and you will know how much Article 4 protects the rights of its members more than any constitution of any political party in the UK.

Cabinet Members are only Cabinet Members until the next reshuffle, and this will be subject to the Prime Minister's whim.  

That is why they fear to speak out, lacking an Article 4 to protect their rights to free speech.

You see, it is the free speech of the politician that must be protected, and theirs is more important than any member of the public.

3:103 and 6:159 of the Koran certainly appear to say that a one-party state would be just what the doctor ordered if the constitution of that party protects the rights of its members to speak freely about policy matters without fear of being marginalised, demoted or expelled.

But I fear this revelation will only fall on deaf ears.

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