Friday, 2 November 2012

Number of children in married families drops 1million in ten years

There will be fewer legitimate children and more bastards by SSMs. Is this a sign that your society is suffering from terminal cancer? What is the government doing about it? NOTHING. Why not? Cos too many of these SSMs and their bastards have the vote.

Nick Griffin is afraid of SSMs.

Nigel Farage is afraid of SSMs.

Ed Miliband is afraid of SSMs.

Nick Clegg is afraid of SSMs.

David Cameron is afraid of SSMs.

Boris Johnson, when he becomes PM, will also be afraid of SSMs when there are more parasites than hosts for the parasites to feed upon.  

This is the future in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.
"Like" this page if you agree.   If there are enough likes then maybe the government, diseased by feminism, might do something more than wring its scummy Paedo Bastard Slut and Liberal hands.  


Elsie said...

Well, first of all you can't really blame the politicians that are afraid to criticise SSM for wanting to give themselves a chance to get elected, and so have a go at changing things...

As you say, these women have a vote, and if losing that vote means that a Party will find itself sidelined, then there is nothing to be gained by finding itself powerless and unable to change anything.

What can you achieve sounding off by yourself in a dark corner ?

Also bandying the words 'Single' and 'slut' together with 'mother' is pretty dodgy. I expect that you have personal friends who are unmarried parents -or would like to be mothers, whether they are married or not. Where would be the line that you coud draw between those friends of yours and the SSM ? I suspect that it is only a question of financial means and education, and where is the borderline ?

Surely the thing to do is not to be 'negative' in condemning SSM in that case, but to make it far more financially advantageous for couples to get married, and facilitate the mother to be able to stay at home and raise her children (better for the Family and freeing up more jobs for men),or to work from home ?

It is obvious that politicians have already cottoned on to this, but that they are caught in the trap of don't need to punish the kids of SSM, but rather educate them and get them out of a vicious circle).

If I had the easy answer to it, then I would be a politician.

Still there are some positive things that could be done, I am sure, rather than screaming hate, as you often do...

If it is better that Society gives more incentive to women to get married ,who want to have children, and who want to bring them up rather than trying to 'have it all' ( and so doing nothing very well) then I would give more money to a stay at home housewife the more education that she had -as a 'reward', and also for what she was passing on to her children (thus the next generation), and I would give her more money if she took the children of the SSM after school to help them with their homework etc (so passing on her education, and showing these children, hopefully, a better role model and a different way of life. At least opening their eyes to a different world).

I would give the SSM far less money to spend on their own vices...and hope that their children benefitted more from the new distribution of cash, than if it had been handed to their own mums...

Is that mad and utopic ? Surely not more than some of your own ideas, Claire..

Claire Khaw said...

Elsie, I do have the solutions and they are simple, but unpalatable.

Abolish the welfare state, cut red tape and repeal the Equality Act.

My message is not popular, but it can easily be grasped.

I am really the boy saying that the emperor is naked.