Thursday, 15 November 2012

Should Britain have a more Chinese style of government?

Is one-partyism and multi-partyism analogous to polytheism and monotheism?

Is not monotheism more advanced than polytheism?

What is the point of letting the stupid, parasitical, the immoral, irresponsible and venal vote?

No more than 10% of any populace deserve the vote IMHO.  If you give the rest the vote they will only vote for whoever bribes them most.

The long-term national interest is better served by directing our leaders to govern on the behalves of those who are not yet born than trusting to the tribal leaders of amoral political parties to ignore party interest in favour of the long-term national interest.

Let the revolution against the government for the parasitical sluts and their variously-fathered feral bastards begin now!  Let the rotten stinking carcass of demented feminism be buried! 


Anonymous said...

Why would anybody want a party of government so blatantly uncaring for anything other than perpetuating their existence?

Claire Khaw said...

What is wrong with your nation perpetuating its existence?

Anonymous said...

The government perpetuating its existence is not the same as the nation perpetuating its existence.

Claire Khaw said...

All nations need government. Not sure if you are a Utopian or an Anarchist.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But not government powerful enough to opress its people, the purpose of governance should be to protect its people, not own them.

Claire Khaw said...

Why do you assume that the government I have in mind would oppress people?

Elsie said...

"Is not monotheism more advanced than polytheism?"

No. I think that I would rather be a

I got bored with the rest of your proposition, because it felt like a 'rant', and my eyes glaze over when people go into frothing rants....