Monday, 12 November 2012

Statement about David Jones

Clearly, I do not believe David Jones was in his right mind when he said and did all the things he did at the weekend.

I know he was very angry with me for diagnosing him with the Martyr Complex but this is what I believe he has.

I know it will be hard for him the coming weeks and months, and I know he found my diagnosis hard to take because I was telling him to give up the only thing he did that he felt gave meaning to his life, and something in which he has invested his heart and soul for the past nine years.

Unkind people have been suggesting that he harboured an unrequited passion for me, but I really do not think this is the case.   If I had been a girlfriend, then there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

What he did not want was to give up was his obsession for fighting and losing elections, which fed his martyr complex.

I hope and trust he has enough friends and good people who will help him come to terms with what is really a bereavement for him.

Some of you will feel I have been excessively harsh, but sometimes it is just better to cut deeply and swiftly, particularly when what you are doing is something as drastic as an amputation.

If I had been kinder the process would just have taken longer.

He is an intelligent and resourceful young man with great determination, capable of much much more than remaining poor and losing elections.   I trust someone will give him a chance to fulfil his potential.


Elsie said...

Your very last paragraph was very patronising.

David Jones might have got more votes if you hadn't led him to be photographed with a machine gun under a nazi flag.

(which means that he is too naive for politics, as you point out).

However, cynicism is the enemy of anyone with enthousiasm and passion. Why stamp on him if he is on the same side as you ?

You are cleverer and richer than him...stop savaging him for nothing. It's not amputation, it's mincemeat.

Claire Khaw said...

I posed with Dave to show solidarity with him and to do it together to give the liberals a fit of the vapours. That was why I did it anyway.

I am not stamping on him necessarily, just saying he is not mature and rich enough to enter politics just yet.

Since this advice would be the same advice his parents have been giving him, I really do not see that I am doing him that much of a disservice.

No one should enter politics if they are not financially independent. There is no joy being lobby fodder or a party hack.

Anonymous said...

His parents did not give him the 'same' advice they let him get on with it, the only thing they patranised him with was travelling around with that gook who had no life.and pretended to be a rich snop but really everyone laughed at coz she hasnt got no allyby she ugly... She ugly, just stating my opinion claire

Anonymous said...

martyr complex?

more like borderline personality disorder

Elsie said...

But giving people 'fits of the vapours' was very likely to have put off any wavering voters, wasn't it ?

And I thought that the point of you
'helping' David, was to get him more votes.

Besides, how far can you go in giving people 'the vapours' ? I doubt that there is anything that you could do, bar actually murdering someone, that would shock me now. If you do somthing too often, people become inured to it.

David doesn't really need any more 'advice'-he will find out the hard way by himself.

Claire Khaw said...

Dave says he is seeking professional help at last.

Anonymous said...

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Claire Khaw said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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