Sunday, 4 November 2012

The wisest person should lead the nation. Are Western philosophers able to recognise wisdom though?

Plato - only the wise should rule

Plato however neglected to define wisdom nor did he explain how it is to be measured.  

What sort of political system would produce the wisest leader?

How is the wisest leader to be chosen?

Are modern philosophers able to do better?

Yet we already know that Western philosophy is a waste of time and so is the three years spent acquiring a degree in Academic Philosophy.   It is three years spent learning how to talk like an arse, making everyone hate you and being unemployable and despised for the rest of your life.  

Academic philosophers are contemptible though in their arrogance, incoherence, obscurity and singular lack of wisdom.

What would these pretentious nincompoops know about wisdom or about measuring it?

Nothing.  They are only Reds and subversives. 


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Claire. Philosophy is good, but modern universities are Marxist-infested shitholes that teach a bunch of far-left shite with no pragmatic utility in the realm of jobs, careers, work.

Anonymous said...

I also think the older philosophers are better.

20th century philosophers like Foucault and Derrida are absolutely horrible. Reading their work is about as pleasant as listening to Maroon 5.