Monday, 3 December 2012

Would Claire Khaw be a better Chief Executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform than Frances Crook?
In this video, Frances Crook explains the original purpose of the Howard League which is to reduce prison numbers, presumably because they are a burden on the state.

Basically, the purpose of the Howard League was to address itself to the question of what you should do with prisoners when executing or transporting them is no longer an option.

Frances Crook has been mollycoddling the criminal classes for decades while my robust proposals are likely to pay off in the long term.  I am not after all like Frances Crook, whom I believe is a childless woman who has now taken on the role of the matriarch and defender of the the British criminal classes.

Below are my solutions which are designed to get prison numbers down:

  1. Reintroduce the death penalty.  
  2. Reintroduce corporal punishment for adults and school children so offenders are physically chastised and then sent on their way home the same day.
  3. Introduce a system of slavery so that convicts can financially compensate their victims and are manumitted when they have done so.  
  4. Promote a better quality of mothering by destroying the credibility of feminism, which has turned most women into bad mothers who cannot be criticised.
  5. Reconsecrate the institution of marriage that has been desecrated by feminism by reintroducing fault into divorce.   This can be done by requiring a marriage contract to be agreed on before couples are allowed to marry.
  6. Repeal the Equality Act 2010.
  7. Repeal the Equal Pay Act 1970
  8. Stigmatise Slut Single Mums described at so fewer variously-fathered feral criminal bastards are born to immoral, irresponsible, promiscuous and stupid women who will be bad mothers.  It is proposed that these SSMs are lashed 100 times as the Koran prescribes.
Why is an organisation apparently devoted to protecting the criminal classes officially a charity?


Democratic Nationalist said...

I do not agree with the abolition of Equal Pay nor the introduction of the Death Penalty.

Claire Khaw said...

Why do you disagree with the abolition of the Equal Pay Act or the reintroduction of the death penalty, Democratic Nationalist?