Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dumbed-down matriarchal UK government resorts to nagging and whining at tax avoiders instead of just closing tax loopholes because it now too stupid and incompetent to do even this

Is tax avoidance moral?

Not that long ago, the government would simply pass tax legislation to close the loopholes that tax avoiders have been using.

Now, instead of doing that, they whinge and whine and send Margaret Hodge to nag them into paying more tax than they need to by law. makes the point that inheritance tax planning - which any sensible wealthy woman like Margaret Hodge would do - is undeniably and unarguably tax avoidance.  Inheritance tax kicks in at 40% so it is well-worth avoiding.  

Since Mrs Hodge is now accusing all sorts of people of immorality, the time has now come for us to discuss the morals of the nation.

I would venture to say that in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, most mothers are bad mothers, most babies are born out of wedlock and most men and women indulge in extramarital sex.

It should be noted that most men and women in Britain - The Land of Compulsory Fornication - indulge in fornication and adultery.  The rest who are not are having homo-sex.

What right have you to discuss morality when you are a politician of a nation in which none of its political parties is prepared to defend the institution of marriage?

It was not that long ago that the leader of the party that Mrs Hodge is a senior member of forgot to marry the  mother of his illegitimate sons. He actually did not think that he was doing anything wrong and said he just didn't have the time before, and had to be nagged into making an honest woman out of Justine Thornton, the mother of his sons who were at the time bastards.

What right has such a woman of such a party of such a nation to discuss morality?  Does she even know the meaning of the word?
Immoral people Cursed by God


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