Wednesday, 5 December 2012

German Muslim Sahib Bleher speaks at the New Right Meeting for the second time - Hitler is mentioned

Sahib Bleher, the German Muslim

Sahib Bleher was accused of being a race traitor by Lady Renouf during Q&A after the first hour.

Hitler is mentioned at 1:15 when it was claimed by a member of the audience that he really wanted Germans to become Muslim.

Feminism is not mentioned at all, which I found tremendously disappointing. Bleher did however say that the reason why Islam is considered so transgressive and repellent to the liberal establishment is because it promotes the kind of social conservatism that equips communities to fight the agents of "global oppression".  I do wish he had the courage to say "feminism" or "the matriarchy" and gone on to point out that it was feminism, the welfare state and consumerism which has produced our Culture of Sex and Shopping as well our Culture of Entitlement and Excuses all of which undermine male and parental authority so much that no traditions of any value are passed to the next generation any more.

That is why families and communities are now broken.

He could have also gone on to say that the thin end of the wedge was the working mother who became the divorced mother who is now the SSM explained at

It is these SSMs who give birth to the majority of the babies born in Britain, the babies who are now born out of wedlock.

Of course Sahib Bleher cannot be expected to say what I do, for he is not Claire Khaw who has been banned from New Right Meetings because she was suspected of passing on information to the Reds about the venue and apparently not supposed to blog about what was spoken about at those meetings though they themselves video their speakers and put them on YouTube. Never mind, I am hardened  now to the ways of the treacherous and dishonourable white man. I do not expect these degenerate and dishonourable white men of the 21st century to have the decency to make out their accusations properly, or, if they cannot, withdraw them.

Such niceties of civilised and honourable behaviour are now entirely forgotten.  Perhaps, when they are remembered again, there might be hope for the white man whose entire civilisation, it appears, has been Cursed by God.

What should be noted was that this was not the first time Sahib Bleher spoke at a New Right Meeting, and that he has been invited again to speak for a third time. The audience was polite and interested, and he clearly enjoyed the audience at the last meeting.

To be fair to the organiser of the meeting Troy Southgate, he did briefly consider allowing me to speak ata New Right Meeting before all the ridiculous accusations were made about me divulging information that was already known to the Reds at Hope Not Hate and Searchlight.   

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