Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nationalists should join the LibLabCon

"Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it" says Dr Emerson, but he is so out of touch he said it in Latin, thus entirely misjudging the educational attainments of his natural audience.

I urge all nationalists who want to continue participating in politics to join the Conservative Party. There will be leadership elections and interesting stuff happening soon. You can only fight the LibLabCon by joining them in sufficient numbers to affect the outcome of any leadership elections.

It will not be so demoralising to be a member of a governing party. The BNP is dead in the water and its putative rivals are clearly going to be even smaller and more useless.

What do you do once you have joined the Conservative Party?  Attend, listen, observe, learn and continue reading this blog.

Michael Gove - who was state-educated and very clever - is the one to watch.

At least join to see to it that Boris Johnson - another toff who has demonstrated no political talent or appetite to discuss the serious issues of the day apart from displays of his Etonian charm - doesn't get to be the next PM by default.

Brons is too old and is known for a lifetime of being to little too late, and I really cannot see Kevin Scott of Gateshead getting it on with southerners or displaying any leadership qualities superior to Griffin's.

Basically, the British Democratic Party is a party of Northern Nationalists. If you can't bear to join the Tories but cannot join UKIP (because they will not have you if you have joined any political party they disapprove of listed at you might as well stay in the BNP and be the vassal and villein of your feudal lord Griffin instead of wasting your time.

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