Tuesday, 15 January 2013

David Irving, make a TV documentary on Nazism and become Lord Irving of Nazism!

I finally bought an Irving book - the Hess one, because it didn't look too long.  It reads like a novel.

Me and perhaps the man who will one day become Lord Irving of Nazism ...

That is the particular speciality of David Irving. It is not so much his views, but the way he tells the story.

In any case, I do not think anyone Jewish present would be made uncomfortable by anything that was said. I am sure there must be Jews interested in real Nazi history and not merely the hysterical liberal version.  The only person who was obviously antisemitic was Lady Renouf, who was complaining about having been blacklisted by agencies so she can no longer get any work, after her visit to Iran.   However, to me, she was as beautiful and charming as ever.   In a way it is almost a kind of comic book antisemitism that I like to think I would not feel threatened by, even if I were myself a Jew.

I think Mr Irving really should record his talks and put them online as a taster, just to convey a flavour of his talks.

The Hess one I found the most moving, Hess to whom Mr Irving would have awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but who was instead prosecuted for Crimes Against Peace, when it was he who risked life and limb to prevent a European Holocaust ...

I would quite like the Nobel Peace Prize too and is my suggestion for bringing about peace to the Middle East.

If Obama can be awarded it when he goes around invading so many countries, then why not me?

I enjoyed the Jimmy Savile joke too, made during the talk by Hugo Haig-Thomas.

Mr Irving is an English gentleman of the Old School.   In terms of television historians, I think he could be the equivalent of Lord Clark of Civilisation.  Sadly, however, Mr Irving is the kind of English gentleman who is rapidly becoming extinct.   Our degenerate times can no longer produce men of his quality, I fear.   If it were in my power, I would make him Lord Irving of Nazism.   It would be simply wonderful if a BBC camera crew could help him bring these characters back to life by following him around Germany and around the Munich beer houses in which Hitler made his speeches ...

It was very sociable with a lot of people I knew but didn't quite get the chance to speak to before they all went their separate ways again. A most enjoyable evening.  Everyone was so nice and friendly too.   


Jeff Marshall said...

Hugo - who had worked in the British Diplomatic Service in Berlin during the 1980s - gave a short talk after Irving had finished his Hess lecture. Irving began making waspish interjections. Hugo mentioned the poor conditions in which Hess had been confined in Spandau prison. "And was he visited by Jimmy Savile?" Irving enquired.

Claire Khaw said...

Tee hee!