Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lady Butler-Sloss, Doyenne of Divorce, is Patron of the Marriage Foundation. Why not put Dracula in charge of a blood bank?
The pro-feminist anti-men decisions of Lady Butler-Sloss.

Just because she calls herself a Conservative does not mean she is one.   Is David Cameron a Conservative?  If you say yes, then you are as stupid as fuck, because you are prepared to accept that Conservative principles are whatever the current leader of the Conservative Party says they are, even as we have a "Conservative" Prime Minister who is hell bent on shoving up "gay marriage" the collective anal passage of the nation.

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Jimmy Savile is now thought to have been one of this country's most prolific paedophiles. At least 450 people have come forward to say he abused them - abuse dating back to 1959. What can we learn from the case about the way in which we deal with historic allegations of sexual abuse? Baroness Butler Sloss is a former High Court Judge who used to head up the family courts. She chaired the Cleveland Child Abuse Enquiry and was appointed by the Diocese of Chichester to investigate how historic claims of abuse by two of its priests were handled. She was also vice chair of the Cumberlege Commission which looked at the Catholic Church's response to abuse scandals. The Baroness examines whether the Savile case has changed the way we view sexual abuse. Also on the programme is Peter Davies, ACPO lead for child protection and Chief Executive of CEOP.

What happened to the principle of treating the accused as innocent until proven guilty after a fair trial?  Lady Butler-Sloss has swept this aside and went completely unchallenged by Caroline Quinn.

Does she for a moment blame the mothers of the victims of sex predators for bringing their illegitimate daughters into the world and then abandoning them to the tender mercies of the care system?  Of course not.   She is clearly of the view that no woman is ever responsible for any untoward consequences of her actions.

Clearly, men are to blame for everything, and expected to resist all temptation while the female is completely blameless no matter how badly and irresponsibly she behaves.

She is therefore unlikely to appreciate this Facebook page at supporting the principle of treating the accused as innocent till proven guilty and appears to have assumed the guilt of a dead man who cannot defend himself.

Can such a woman who has form for this kind of anti-male bias be trusted to defend the institution of marriage?  I rather think not.  I would be a better patron the Marriage Foundation than this fraud of a woman    as far as marriage is concerned.  Yes, sue me for libel Lady Butler-Sloss.   It will not be hard for me at all to prove what I claim: that you are fraud when you pretend you wish to support the institution of marriage when so many of your decisions have worked to undermine it.

Ask the men at Fathers 4 Justice.

As I said, I should be Patron of the Marriage Foundation.

Baroness Butler-Sloss
Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was called to the Bar in 1955; she was appointed a Registrar in the Registry Family Division in 1970 and subsequently a High Court Judge, Family Division (1979-1988) and then to the Court of Appeal (1988–1999).  From 1999 until her retirement in 2005 Lady Butler-Sloss was President of the Family Division. She was made Baroness Butler-Sloss of Marsh Green in 2006. 

In 1987/88 she chaired the Cleveland Child Abuse Inquiry and was chairman of the Security Commission between 1994 and 2005. She has been the Chancellor of the University of the West of England since 1993 and holds a number of Honorary Fellowships including St Hilda’s College, Oxford, King's College, London, the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

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Felt this should be put up, the good baroness saying sorry for lying about F4J