Saturday, 19 January 2013

Nationalists who wish to remain politically active should join mainstream parties to subvert their liberal agenda from within

Any reading of Hope Not Hate will show that nationalism outside UKIP is in a state of deep disarray, afflicted by arrests, scandals, ideological confusion as they are.

If you are educated, personable, intelligent and don't mind joining the mainstream  parties in order to subvert their liberal agenda, then you should join the LibLabCon or UKIP and subscribe to this blog so that you are ideologically aware and effective at persuasion.   

If you have been a member of UKIP's prohibited list of parties at you should just join the LibLabCon if you can bear to.  

"Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of
  • the British National Party
  • National Front
  • British Freedom Party
  • British People's Party
  • English Defence League
  • Britain First or 
  • the UK First Party. 
Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded.

By applying for membership you certify that you are not and have never been a member of either of these parties."

From within the party you can change the views of the leadership and have access to more hearts and minds than if you were in one of those pariah  parties.

If you cannot bear to do that, and cannot bear not to be among like-minded people then then by all means be exploited by the likes of Nick Griffin and suffer the indignities of being mocked by the Reds and Far Left, as you wish.  At least you will enjoy a sense of comradeship, eh?  

Until you fall out with your former comrades.

As you can see from the exchange below, they are not really the best of kind of people, nor do they always act rationally or consistently.  Their grasp of the concept of principle is often confused with the personal.   You have been warned.

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Democratic Nationalist said...

They have not said anything yet about the Freedom Democrats, Britannica Party, Infidels of Britain, Combined Ex Forces, British Democratic Party or Patria Party but they will do sooner or later once those groups or parties start to spread their message.

Seeing as they have a Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly Member who defected from the Ulster Unionist Party, are they going to condemn anyone who was a member of the Ulster Defence Association, the Ulster Volunteer Force or even from the Irish Republican parties and groups like Sinn Féin, Social Democratic Labour Party, Éirígí or the Irish Republican Army?