Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Politics is *not* an indulgence that we forego if we have children and wish to protect them

I must say I am getting tired of people saying to me that they are taking a back seat or being quiet about their views because they have children at school.

Your political beliefs are not an indulgence, I hope.  You have reached your conclusions because you have thought long and hard about why things are wrong and what needs to be done.

If you have concluded that the government is wrong about almost everything you can think of, then it cannot bode well for the future of the nation and your offspring, if you do not speak out against government policies at every opportunity using your real name, can it?

If you care about the future of the nation and the well-being of your children and your descendants, then it is your duty to force a debate on the issues, and not allow yourself to be intimidated into silence, is it not?

If you do not think you are competent to debate successfully with those who would wish to intimidate or silence you, then should you not nominate and then openly declare your support for a person who will not be intimidated and is prepared to take risks on your behalf?

Don't look to any of your MPs.  They just want to hang on to their jobs and get promoted to the cabinet by gaining the favour of whoever is currently the leader.

Don't look to any of the current party leaders of the smaller parties, they just want to be big fish in their small puddle.

Do you think Nigel Farage or Nick Griffin might just co-operate to merge their parties, as I have suggested, so they could more effectively oppose the LibLabCon?  Of course not.

Whom do you think can do the job of making the political classes listen to your grievances and the issues you  wish to have discussed?

If you don't think I am the one, then imagine me to be male and white.  Would you want me to be leader then?

Is my energy, imagination, commitment and integrity in doubt?

If you think I can do it then it is your duty to say so here, using your real name.  

Otherwise, the political establishment and media will think only I think and say the things I do and call me a crank whose views should be ignored.

If they ignore me, then they ignore you.

If they marginalise me, then they marginalise you.

If they end up calling social conservatism "extremism", then it is your fault if you have been too cowardly to do or say anything.

It is also your duty, if you indeed care about the future of the nation and the well-being of your children and your descendants, to invite others to put their names down here too.


Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed, Claire, is that of my observations of life here in Aberdeen, it's not uncommon for people of an immigrant background to be more middle class and respectable than the lower class white people here.

There are plenty of people of an 'ethnic' background that have a good education and good jobs here actually, and yet some natives do not have high standards like that. Such as that girl I was telling you about a few months ago - I know a 25 year old single mother who lives on benefits, gets drunk a lot, sleeps around and flashes her naked body parts to any guy who wants to see when she's drunk. Actually I know a lot of girls like this, although most of them don't flash their body parts about as much. The men are not much better either, plenty of male sluts too, fond of things like talking a bunch of drunken gibberish or getting stoned. So what you say about sluts and bastards is correct. However it's worth pointing out that not all white people are sluts and bastards and nor are all 'ethnic' people of a high social standard; the degeneracy is something that seems to be more rampant in the lower social classes.

Politics? There is no real way forward going down that route. Far-right politics is often associated with racism (amongst other things), and some suggest that all racial hatred is really motivated by sexual conflict (i.e. the desire of men to fight against men of an alien tribe in order to prevent the alien males from taking the women of their own tribe).

Claire Khaw said...

It is natural if you are in your own territory to be at ease and natural for a newcomer to your territory to try to do well in a new place. People who suddenly find themselves in a foreign country through necessity would try much harder to get on and fit in than if they were in their own country.

I really make no generalisations about race for I do not believe that any race is inherently superior or inferior. If any race were naturally superior, then surely they would be superior for ALL TIME?

The fact that no race is every top dog for all time suggests that every dog will have its day.

It is of course our cultural practices that form our national and racial character, and culture, as you must know, is fluid.

Culture is also indistinguishable from religion.

The religion of the West is liberalism and feminism. This makes Western society has become inherently unstable and irrational because it has become a matriarchy. All matriarchies are inferior to patriarchies because they lack the moral discipline, rationalism and social cohesion of a patriarchy.