Thursday, 17 January 2013

Should Peter Mandelson present The Andrew Marr Show?

I anticipate the usual objections about his well-established pro-EU stance offending against journalistic impartiality.  However, it could be tempered by my presence in the show, for I have always been Eurosceptic and had a reputation for impartiality.

Even Nick Griffin acknowledged this after reading

So, while The Andrew Marr Show becomes The Peter Mandelson Show if Peter were to present it, it would become The Lord and Lady Mandelson Politics Show if we were both to co-host it and he to marry me.

I don't think people have any idea how entertaining and charming I can be if I put my mind to it.  

There will doubtless be the usual objections about my alleged "extremism", but the list of parties I have joined is testament to my determination to remain non-partisan and to leave my spoors in every party.   Even now, I exhort the political parties to merge into one party for the sake of the long-term national interest.

I have been a member of the following:

  1. The Conservative Party
  2. UKIP
  3. The Labour Party
  4. The BNP

It does seem that, taken together, I would be more impartial than Peter, who has only ever been a member of the Labour Party.

Indeed, my political experience may be wider than his in some or perhaps many regards.

The idea of having one's national laws subordinate to a supranational entity is something I found, as a nationalist,  instinctively abhorrent.

I was actively Eurosceptic as long ago as the Maastricht Bill, in fact.  Bill Cash and his other volunteers others I worked with then should remember me.

I could be the Stacey Herbert to Peter's Max Keiser, perhaps.  At any rate, I am sure Peter and I can work as a team, if not a couple.

Ah, to think of Peter and me, the Juan and Eva Peron of British politics!  

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