Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The brilliant screenplay to HITLER - THE MOVIE ignored in our PC world

I noticed today that Naim Attallah with whom I had lunch this time two years ago was complaining that the critics had completely ignored Claus Hant's "non-fiction novel" entitled YOUNG HITLER

Naim Attallah at Le Boudin Blanc where we had lunch in January 2011

Naim tweeted:"For those who follow my blog read my article tomorrow about " Young Hitler" a book Quartet published in 2010. It was ignored then .""Why was "Young Hitler "ignored? Although on the face of it the reason is obscure, the reality is different . It is thought provoking......" Mosley 

It is terribly sad that the liberal establishment and media are conspiring to ignore this book which is both entertaining and profound.   My review is at

Here is what I suggest Quartet Books do for maximum publicity:

Announce that forthcoming issues of The Literary Review and The Oldie will contain reviews of Young Hitler by

  1. the current Lord Chief Rabbi
  2. the former Lord Chief Rabbi
  3. the Neturei Karta Rabbi
  4. the current Archbishop of Canterbury
  5. the former Archbishop of Canterbury
  6. Abdal Hakim Murad
  7. Anjem Choudary
  8. David Irving who will I hope one day become Lord Irving of Nazism in the same way Kenneth Clark  became Lord Clark of Civilisation
  9. the PM or anyone he nominates
  10. the Deputy PM or anyone he nominates
  11. the Leader of the Opposition or anyone he nominates
  12. the leader of UKIP
  13. the leader of the BNP

who would all be sent review copies.

It would not surprise me at all if many of the above would shrink from this undertaking, but out of this lot I really think Naim can at least squeeze at least a review or three out of this list.  

It does not all have to be published in one issue, though it would be nice to have an Adolf Hitler Special  issue of both the Literary Review and the Oldie, which would no doubt increase their respective circulations dramatically, if the publicity is managed properly, by me, perhaps.  

It is possible that the editrix of the Literary Review Nancy Sladek might baulk at this idea, but I would like to think that Richard Ingrams of the Oldie would still be game for a laugh.  In my experience, it is not the elderly but the young who have a fit of the vapours whenever they see a swastika.  The old should always retain the capacity to shock the young, and the idea of the Oldie doing a Nazi Special is too delicious for words.

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