Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Why I am still a nationalist

Whatever the state of relations between me and other nationalists, I like to think I am at least capable of separating the abstraction that is the long-term national interest from the nationalists who take wrong turnings in their lives and who suffer from a range of emotional, psychological and possibly substance abuse problems.

I was very touched to have been invited a BNP reunion on Sunday.  In fact, only one of our number - there were five of us - is actually still in the party.

That does seem to mean I am in reasonably good standing with some of the people I used to know to have been invited in the first place.  I had left the party rather under a cloud after having been expelled, later associating with and then subsequently falling out with Dave Jones, formerly of the British People's Party.

I am therefore simultaneously grateful and surprised, proud yet humbled.

What is a nationalist?

Someone who wishes to promote the long-term national interest with a combination of pragmatic policies that does not adhere to traditionally confused ideas of "right" and "left".

I like to think that nationalism is but common sense.  If nationalism is being marginalised and nationalists abused and mocked, then so too are common sense and people of good sense .

Any ideology that prides itself on going against common sense while refusing to engage in a reasoned debate is clearly dishonest and destructive eg feminism and liberalism.  

It is time to storm their citadel, which is already rotten with corruption and dementia.  


Anonymous said...

How can it be a BNP reunion when only 5 people were there. And do you have ant proof that this went on.

Claire Khaw said...

It wasn't an *official* reunion! Only one person out of the five who went is still a member. has the photos.

Williamson said...

You are an abomination to British Nationalism, why you would attach yourself to a movement that is in place to preserve WHITE BRITAIN is a mystery. I believe you are nothing more than a comical agent provocature, the joke being that you are not even white, I'd deport you today. Your obsession with Dave Jones is probably just a foil. Time to fuck off methinks.

Claire Khaw said...

I think you will find that it is Dave Jones who is obsessed with me!

I am a nationalist in the sense that I believe that the nation is the group we can join that is big enough to matter but small enough to care.

If this is so then an ideology of promoting the long term national interest should be the rule, rather than petty party interests.

I am therefore a CIVIC nationalist who believes that too much immigration is bad for ALL the races within that nation.

I trust my position is now finally clear.