Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Party of David Cameron British Prime Minister has NO PRINCIPLES

The Labour Party have their principles at

The LibDems have theirs at

UKIP have theirs at

The BNP have theirs at

Where are the Conservative Party’s?

Stephen Phillips, Secretary of the Board of the Conservative Party, repeatedly refuses to tell me:

1.  in what way I have acted in a way that is "wholly inconsistent with the aims, objectives and principles of the Conservative Party"; nor will he tell me

2. what are the aims, objectives and principles of the Conservative Party

If I have infringed against X, then surely I must be told what X is?

Don't they know what their principles are?

Don't they have any?

If the Conservative Party has no principles, then I have infringed no principles.  As I suspected, my expulsion from the party was all a terrible mistake.

When they recognise their terrible mistake and reinstate me, I shall of course see to it that they have principles that are recognisably Conservative.    

After all, if they have lost all their principles or never had any, might it not be a time to acquire some before the next General Election?

Can the Prime Minister of Britain really be a leader of a party that has no principles?

Does that not make Britain and the British an international laughing stock?

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Anonymous said...

Conservative principles are whatever helps them into power to make themselves richer and that includes becoming socialists.