Sunday, 24 February 2013

British Democratic Party launch reviewed

Kevin Scott, said that the new party would respect the rights of those legal immigrants and their descendants to remain in the UK without fear or hindrance. 
You would have thought they have learnt not to say things like that any more.   The lady doth protest too much!  This is from

The most important and interesting speech is Adrian Davies' who speaks approvingly of the success of Marine Le Pen and Front Nationale.  Her father Jean Marie has been nagging British nationalists to unequivocally embrace civic nationalists since 2004, advice that Nick Griffin would do well to follow.   The singular lack of urgency that characterises British nationalism is something about which British nationalists ought to be thoroughly ashamed.

Sadly, however, a singular lack of shame is yet another badge of British nationalism.

The most interesting speech  from the above link is Andrew Brons', who confuses nationality with race.   He wants citizenship only to be given on grounds of nationality, and nationality as far as he is concerned is about race.

If only British nationalists would drag themselves out of the primeval swamp of ethno-nationalism and take a dip in the pool of inclusive nationhood as defined by the Islamic concept of a racially neutral ummah.

Someone suggested that members be made to sign up to the party's principles and  it had to be pointed out by Adrian Davies that BDP cannot exclude anyone on grounds of race, because that is now the law, unless they fancy spending a hundred thousand pounds or thereabouts disputing this in court.

The BDP is clearly more "racial" and more full of unreconstructed ethno-nationalists  than the BNP who have modernised to the extent that it now describes itself in its constitution at 3.2.1 in these terms:

"Our party is a party of British nationalism, both ethnic and civic".   

It is terribly disheartening that they still do not understand why civic nationalism is the only way forward.  To succeed, they must be ideologically more civic than the BNP, but they went the other way instead.   I suppose that is the reason why Kevin Scott the Chairman excluded me from attending without deigning to give a reason.

I just feel a bit sorry for these people who are now going to have their time and money wasted, because they do not see the point of having ideological clarity.  Most of them are grateful to have something to do after being kicked out of the BNP, I suppose.  They are taking the middle way between the NF and the BNP when what is required is for a party that takes the middle way between the BNP and UKIP.

Yes, they are dunces and dunderheads, mules and fatheads, and there is nothing I can do about it.

To be associated with a movement that is always shooting itself in the foot and putting its bloodied limb in its mouth is something I must continue to put up with, I suppose.  

Doubtless, if I were white and male they would be begging me to lead them.  However, because I am female and foreign, they will ignore everything I say, just because they wish to do the opposite of what I say.

Never mind, when things get bad enough, they will remember that I told them so, and come to me begging  me to be their leader.

As ever, I intend to be magnanimous in victory, and graciously accept.   To err is human, to forgive divine.
Who should lead the nationalist movement if not Nick Griffin?

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