Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Claire Khaw - a Chinese prophet for the British in the Greek and Jewish sense

"The English word prophet comes from the Greek word προφήτης (profétés) meaning advocate."

This is indeed what I am doing for I advocate:

  • the stigmatisation of SSMs for being the sex criminals they are 
  • the formal prohibition of extramarital sex in all its forms, the repeal of the Civil Partnership Act 2005 and the cancellation of all plans to legalise, ugh, "Gay Marriage"
  • introducing corporal punishment for all who have clearly committed fornication and adultery, and what could be clearer that you are guilty of this sex crime if you have ILLEGITIMATE offspring?
  • acknowledging that widespread illegitimacy causes national degeneracy
  • acknowledging that feminism has caused immigration because feminism has made most of the indigenous population no longer fit for purpose

amongst other things, without fear or favour.  

What is there not to like about any of the above if you are a sincere adherent of any of the Abrahamic faiths?

Therefore Jews, Christians and Muslims should rise as one to support me so we can win the fight against liberal feminist gay-righty degeneracy that is now infecting the entire Western world.

Jews already acknowledge the existence of female prophets.

According to the Talmud there were also seven women who are counted as prophets whose message bears relevance for all generations: Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah (mother of the prophet Samuel), Abigail (a wife of King David), Huldah (from the time of Jeremiah), and Esther.  Rashi points out that Rebecca, Rachel and Leah were also prophets.

There is no requirement for me to be Jewish either to be the Messiah.

Prophets in Judaism are not always Jews.

Before anyone accuses me of having a messiah complex, let me say this:

If the Jews wish to make me their Messiah, it is the easiest thing in the world to do ONCE ENOUGH OF THEM HAVE DECIDED TO DO IT.

Apparently, to be the Messiah, I have to be a descendant of King David and have a July or August birthday.

1. Can anyone prove that I am *not* a descendant of King David? (It was Rabbi Zvi Solomons of Reading who pointed out to me the existence of Chinese Jews at

2. Does anyone now have access to the DNA of King David?

3. King David had about 1000 wives and concubines and it is perfectly possible that one of the women he impregnated was an ancestor of mine.

It would be a lovely if the Jews of Britain decided that I was their Messiah. It would make them feel terribly important, would it not?

It would make them feel more important than the Jews of France or Ireland or even the Jews of Israel!

And how my Jewish friends would love and laud me! It is a DELICIOUS idea!

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Jak Marshall said...

Surely this is some kind of joke?